1. grap3fruitman

    Gultigargar hacked Tengu to be more playable

    Here's @Gultigargar 's description: Here's the video of semi-playable Tengu: For comparison, this is how Tengu plays without @Gultigargar 's modifications/corrections to the data: I thought this was thread worthy. He's found some other unused stuff too:
  2. dee4doa

    DEAD OR ALIVE 2 Modding tutorials and discussion

    I'm back and I've had a great idea, I've made this thread to condense all my modding finding and tutorials here so that it's easier to have all the guides here instead of scattered around other places. DEAD OR ALIVE 2 Modding Tutorials: (ver. based on 1999 DOA2) Compatible Versions: -SEGA...
  3. estherliquid

    DOA5LR HELP! Question: How can I find some mods? I'm new at this

    Hi! I'm a new girl to the forum! I'm sorry for my English is not my native language, I'm from Spain. Is the first time I use mods in fighting games! My favorite fighting games are Tekken and Dead or Alive! I have seen awesome mods that I would like to get but I do not know how to get them! I...
  4. MODDER`12

    Mai can't equip any modded costumes?

    I'm using autolink and I made Mai a folder with 01 in it and then I put a costume in the folder and nothing appears in the game? the (details) is slashed out.
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