1. VirtuaKazama

    DOA6 Team NINJA Continues Arcade Support

    Recently, Team Ninja made an announcement that Dead or Alive 6 will be getting an arcade release next year in Japan! While details are scarce about the release date, it is currently known that the game will be running under SEGA All.Net P-Ras MULTI Version 3 for digital distribution. However...
  2. dee4doa

    DEAD OR ALIVE 2 Modding tutorials and discussion

    I'm back and I've had a great idea, I've made this thread to condense all my modding finding and tutorials here so that it's easier to have all the guides here instead of scattered around other places. DEAD OR ALIVE 2 Modding Tutorials: (ver. based on 1999 DOA2) Compatible Versions: -SEGA...
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