why crouching in DOA feels terrible

    Crouching in DOA "takes time". How long does it take is shown in the skill info page 3 under the switch frame section, which usually varies between 4F (very slow) to 1F (instantaneous). Based on how little we know about this bogus value, it might as well be decided by magical incantations. So...

    instant while rising 46P (463P)

    This is pretty much the same input as Akira's instant double palm. Jann Lee has a while rising move mapped to 46P (Dragon Knuckle) which you can execute with 463P thanks to the generosity of DOA's input leniency. If you can't do it, try executing 46 reasonably fast (no need to go back to 5...

    System Fuzzy Guard with H33?

    This is something I've been wondering for a while. As far as I know, people execute fuzzy guards with one of these two methods: 33[H] alternatively, in case of conflicting character-specific holds: 33[4] naturally, you can walk away too 33[7] ( [] means hold it ) Are people aware that it has...
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