1. deathofaninja

    Battle Royal Hoodless Prevents the Reset and Wins TFC17

    Top 8 Bracket | Top 8 Complete Stream 1st Hoodless | 2nd Kwiggle | 3rd Hollow | 4th XcaliburBladeZ The Bifuteki Top 8 Stream at TFC has been nothing short of spectacular with the players trading their tournament nerves from pools for intensity and focus. Like all of the Battle Royal fights from...
  2. deathofaninja

    Battle Royal TFC Pool Results, Top 8 and Highlights

    12875 Complete Pool Stream | Top 8 - Bifuteki - 1pm EST Even if the audio is off in the beginning, and TFC is no longer our biggest draw -- we still have an intimate weekend of DOA with some of the best in a competitive field. Kick Punch Block has been streaming our community events for a...
  3. deathofaninja

    Battle Royal Show Your Support at TFC 2016

    Three years ago the community blew the damn roof off at TFC with some truly kick ass matches -- and I believe it was one of the first times in our offline history that we were very strongly viewed by other people from the FGC displaying not only talented players, but incredibly fluid and well...
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