winter brawl

  1. deathofaninja

    DOA6 Opinion: Winter Brawl 3D has been the Best Exposure for DOA6

    Despite a two week delay and tournament cancellation, Big E Gaming and Team NINJA were able to resurrect the Winter Brawl debut of DOA6, and the decision to do that has paid off greatly. The players want to see DOA6 in its final build, and they want proof that it's going to be heading into the...
  2. deathofaninja

    Community Jager Wins Winter Brawl 12

    Pools | Winter Brawl 12 Top 8 Replay | Tournament Standings Congratulations to Jager for taking Winter Brawl 12! Despite some cancellations and no pool stream, we managed to get over 1,000 viewers on FunkyP during Top 8 with a great showing from some of the finest fighters out there. Note...
  3. deathofaninja

    Community Free Last Round Registration at Winter Brawl

    A New Year is here, but what hasn't changed is our annual community appearance at Winter Brawl in Essington made possible by Big E Gaming with plenty of perks in store for DOA5 fighters. The tournament starts February 23rd, so now would be the perfect time to formulate your plans. Free Step...
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