DOA5LR Any remaining DOA5LR tech & combos

Do you think Dead or Alive 5 Last Round still has combos and tech that haven't been shown?

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I think there's still a few unknown tech to find, I mean it's years since DOA3 and DOA2 and such dropped and there's been finding like FSDCs amd such xD

Although it's still there I think at this point it's too late really since once DOA6 comes out DOA5LR will pretty much be old news. DOA6 has a completely different general set up in regards to meter and stun so while tech can still be uncovered, would it really be relevant to DOA6 with how combos and set ups have changed?

Tech stuff will likely be found in month's time tho, I'm still hoping someone will find anything new in regards to Naotora and Mai but I think combo wise and tech wise DOA5LR has been fully excavated.
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