Ayane Beta Discoveries

This is a thread where we can post and discuss things we find with Ayane in the beta. I've been playing a bit and have learned a couple of things.

NEW MOVE: BT 3H+K - This move does her BT spin into some kicks that launch. As of now I'm not sure if these kicks are mid or high. Probably not safe since they give a launch.

NEW MOVE: BT roll P+K. Not sure what this does yet.

JUGGLE CHANGE: It looks like PKK in a juggle will floor bounce. Gonna try to find a good combo from launchers that leave you FT.

1P does not stun on CH anymore. This kinda sucks for her interrupt game, as she can't put people in stun from crushing their highs anymore. I'm not sure the frames on CH yet since I've been tending not to follow up since I keep thinking it's NH.

4H+K no longer gives a limbo stun. This hurts her whiff punish game, as the stun it gives now is pretty short. Not sure if you have enough time to land an S attack into a launch, but it could be possible.

3H+K gives the same stun as DOA5:LR. Kind of a bummer but it's still a good tool in the mid range.

4K does not give a sit down stun. So far I haven't really found any with her, but it's hard to test things when people want to fight.

Off of her 4P launch, she can do her old DOA2 PP6Ph 7K combo. Not sure if that was in DOA5 or not.


6PK gives the DOA5 wall bounce. I've just been following up with the usual PPPKK. The new version of this string doesn't seem to hit.

BT PPPP/4P+KP gives the DOA4 wall splat. A good follow up is 4P+K since it gives a good launch. Still trying to figure out the best juggle. I've just been doing 4P PP4PP7K. I'm thinking that PPKK PP4PP7K might work on light weights but that's all theory fighting.

All in all she feels almost identical to DOA5LR, which is a bit of a disappointment. Was hoping for a few new moves/frame changes.
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Damage seems to be lower across the board.

Also, it looks like PKK in a juggle will floor bounce. Gonna try to find a good combo from launchers that leave you FT.

Also another new move. BT roll P+K. Not sure what this does yet.

I'll add these to the original post.
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How do you launch with BT~(3)H+K? Doesn't seem consistent online.
It seemed very situational to me. It does a lot of damage and gives a high launch, but it’s easy to duck. I also felt like most people expect Ayane to go for her low sweeping kicks when she approaches with her backturned spin so they automatically duck or hold low, which of course will also mess up the new launch. Bt pp4p into spin (3)h+k like it was shown in the Christie reveal trailer worked the best for me. But I never really used Ayane before so take it with a grain of salt.
I never used it, although I tried a few times and it seems there are much better options in almost every situation. I did however get good use out of her other new move, Back Roll P+K (or maybe it's 6P+K?). It gives her a legit back roll mix up if your opponent allows you to get that kind of space on them.

Did anyone find a use for 4K? I know that it fatal stuns in some situations, but couldn't figure out which. Maybe deep into a stun? I was hoping it would work like Hayabusa's 4F+K, but of course it didn't.

I also learned that 4H+K WILL limbo stun, but only if you counter hit someone out of a side step. When I did it it was considered a fatal stun, and they were in the back limbo stance, but I wonder if it happens and they are in the front-facing limbo stance if they'll be able to Break hold out of it if they have the meter.

Also, would people be interested in me posting the BnBs I found? Maybe we can compare and contrast what we were doing and brainstorm some possibilities before launch.


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BT~66P+K (backroll saber strike) looks pretty cool and causes a nice little stun. Interested in messing around with it in the lab and evaluating its frame data in the full version. 6P3~3H+K seems to launch which complements the 6P3~KKK, 6P3~P mix-up if 6P3 CH's the opponent. Looks like it can be a potentially very dangerous move which I like.

4K is garbage now compared to DOA5LR, though it can flop bound on CH and probably fatal stuns on HCH. One thing I've noticed about DOA6 is whacking someone with a "TRACKING" move during their sidestep seems juicy now such as the aforementioned 4H+K into fatal stun (which seems intentionally since sidesteps avoid linear moves really well now). Although 64T was always dangerous, 64T~combo+meter does sick damage in DOA6.

Anyone use the old critical burst strikes? 6P+KK or BT4H+K? I guess 6P+K/K is mostly for wall slamming and BT4H+K for a gut stun.
Damn that’s pretty sick. How does 236H+K work in 6? Is it an unblockable attack or a guard break? Sorry I basically skipped 5 so I may be behind on a few things.

Either way, I can’t wait to get into the lab and see how this set up works.
Oh ok. It was pretty late when I saw this, so when I did I thought the 236H+K was hitting them as a tech trap instead of the juggle follow up. Seems like a good move to follow up a bounce with if you aren’t near a wall or want better oki.
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