Ayane Dead or Alive 6 Match-Ups thread

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Hi, F.O.N. here. This thread will serve to discuss anything pertaining to Ayane's match-ups with the other characters in DOA6.

To get the ball rolling, I'll post a few DOA5LR match-ups since it is likely that Ayane will play very similarly in DOA6.


At the start of the match or R1F. What you want to watch out from Christie is when she uses her 6P,PPP or PPP2P etc. nonsense. Her 2PPP is easily beaten out by Ayane's 2P so lows are a non-issue in close. At the start of rounds I generally spin away because you really don't want to spend a lot of time in Christie's face. Her poking capability is just too good.

The way to handle Christie is to zone her and force her to get creative in how she moves in on you. Her JAK bullshit means little to Ayane at any sort of range. 3H+K and 4P makes short work of it. The only time JAK may be effective is as a mix-up during combos. But majority of the time Ayane laughs at the JAK stance. Be careful of the rolling stance because it can crush mids like 3H+K and roll right under it. Also try to take heed of when Christie uses GB's such as 4P+K. She'll start to use these to open you up along with 2H+KP or her Attack Grabs (eg. 2H+K~T)

The way to make Christie fear Ayane is to make them feel shivers down their spine at the thought of 4P. In other words crush highs and interrupt her when you can with 4P (or 6P if possible) and whiff punish with 3PP for a low level launch. 4P is probably the biggest thorn in Christie's side. Make her dread the power of the 4P! Make her feel like she can't run her shit on you because you'll punish her with 4P or 3PP.

Ayane doesn't exactly excel at keeping people locked up and on the defensive but Christie players hate being on the defensive especially against characters with good mid or low tracking ability (which would include Ayane's 4P or 1P). It also helps that Christie's throws and holds are mostly shit, though I'd still be careful of 4T resets. Compared to other characters Christie rarely gets good damage on a Hi-counter throw.

She feels like Ayane with jumping OH's because of her preference for fighting at range, her evasiveness and a reliance on different stances such as her BT. Unlike Ayane, Lisa is somewhat slow and is more vulnerable to being rushed down. Unfortunately Ayane's not that good at rushing people down so for fighting Lisa you may want to try and bait her to throw something out that you can whiff punish with 3PP for example. When Lisa "dances" around in her various stances, always be weary of when she'll throw out her jumping OH's because she does have quite of bit of them from front stance or BT stance. However Ayane's 2P can be hell for Lisa in close range.

The main aim when fighting Lisa is to keep her momentum from her by pressuring her before she can get her offense started. Although Ayane can't really rush down that much, her pokes are faster than Lisa's so it's ok to get in her face. She'll be forced to have to use her evasive moves to try and shift momentum (her crush abilities are pretty good). At range it'll become a game of who can bait the other first. Watch out for her 66K or jumping OHs and other such moves which are essentially a mix-up. Also don't forget that Lisa's Front CB is a Mid K and her BT CB is a Mid P. Lisa's throws are also very strong so take heed when holding (although when you get used to them, Lisa's strings can appear a bit more "obvious" then some other character's strings). Lastly punish the 1PP, 1PKK... etc. bullshit whenever possible.

Ayane (i10/i13/i12) vs. Momiji (i10/i12/i12)

Some ninja-on-ninja action! (Well ninja-on-shrine maiden) Similar to the Hayate MU, the Momiji MU will be mostly fought around mid-long range due to both characters excellent ranged attacks and pokes. Another similarity is that these characters also have excellent options in close too.

Here's a rundown of what Momiji may be using in close

P = i10/ -2 on block
-> PP = ~i8/ -6 on block
KK = i12/ -6 on block (Very delayable)
H+K = i12/ -7 on block (Tracking, Unsafe)
6P = i12/ -12 on block
-> 6PK = ~i16/ - 14 on block (Very delayable, Tech jump)
-> 6PP = ~i22/ -11 on block (Very delayable, Unsafe)
3K = i14/ -8 on block
-> 3KP = ~i17/ -11 on block (Very delayable, Tracking)
4P = i14/ -5 on block (Tracking)
2P = i12/ -5 on block
1P = i17/ -10 on block (Tracking)
-> 1PP = ~i22/ -13 on block (Tracking, Unsafe)
-> 1P2K = ~i23/ -15 on block (Very delayable, Tracking, Unsafe)
3P = i13/ -9 on block
-> 3PP = ~i20/ -3 on block (Very delayable)
7K = i12/ -14 on block (-11 on block at tip, Tech jump)

In close range, Momiji has a very slight advantage thanks to her i12 Mid P. It also helps that she has an i12 Low P and an i12 tracking high like Ayane does (Though Ayane's KK is stronger than Momiji's H+K). As a result you're going to be using P's, 2P's and KK's in this MU regularly from neutral. Punish any 6PP's and use Ayane's Expert Mid P Holds to discourage use of Momiji's 6P so that you can attempt to use your own 6P's (and 6K's) mids in return. Generally close range combat isn't a problem but it's a good rule of thumb to be mindful of the i12 mids 6P & 7K. PP8 & 3KP8 shenanigans can also be a nuisance though PP8~ free cancel and PP8P~ tend to be more common than PP8K (Since that leads into the Tenku Double Jump that is easy to deal with on block if you can fuzzy). PP8P, PP8PP PP8PK are all unsafe with the first two strings ending in High P's (The third string ender is a Mid K launcher). Along with PP8, 3KP8, etc., take heed of 9P random single jumps. I usually just block single or double jump attempts and try to spot a free cancel or a throw attempt (9P~Free cancel~Throw is very good). Momiji's 2P is also +0 on NH like Ayane's 2P but has slightly less range.

Momiji at Mid Range

KK = i12/ -6 on block (Very delayable)
3K = i14/ -8 on block
-> 3KP = ~i17/ -11 on block (Very delayable, Tracking)
4K = i15/ -5 on block
2H+K = i23/ -14 on block (-13 on block at tip, Tracking, Unsafe in close)
44K = i18/ -3 on block
66P = i15/ -5 on block, follow-up is -12 on block (Throw 66PP on block please!)

Majority of Momiji's ranged pokes are safe on block (actually most of the shit she has is safe on block) so don't bother trying to throw punish anything unless the player plays like a random online Momiji that just chuck out 66PP or 66K (In that case throw them to your heart's content!). Try to stay just out of Momiji's poke range and attempt to whiff punish her with 3PP, 4K, 3H+K. You could try 4H+K or 236K (if there is an environmental impact near such as a cliff knockdown) if you're feeling frisky but I don't recommend it regularly.

Momiji at Long Range

66P = i15/ -5 on block
Running H+K = i20/+1 on block

At range, Momiji's love to use Running H+K to get in for the +1 frame advantage. Thwart this with a nice high-crush such as 4P or 1P~. For 66P you'll have to be more careful but just blocking it is fine for the most part (There's also Ayane's Expert Mid P hold to discourage 66P or 66PP). Watch out also for random 9P's too.

Some of Momiji's Whiff Punishers

66PP (Tracking)
236P (Tracking)
9K (Safe)

Beware of these moves on CH because you're going for a ride if hit. Most are throw punishable and 9K is a high. Make sure that Ayane is the one doing the punishing ;). For dealing with Tenku stance, it's best to try and fuzzy guard the options on block (unless you know what the opponent may attempt reducing it to a 50/50). On hit, SE helps to create distance between you and the opponent.

The Ayane/Momiji MU is interesting because both characters excel at all ranges. Overall I'd say it's 5:5, though some people may think it's 6:4 in Ayane's favour due to her superior crushes, mix-ups and ranged tools. However, Momiji's safety, awesome pokes and good whiff punishers equalize the MU. Discouraging Momiji's 6P in close, making her range pokes whiff and punishing any unsafety or sloppiness is the key to victory.
Brad Wong:

Ayane (i10/i13/i12) vs. Brad Wong (i12/i15/i14)

The match-up of two of the best mix-up characters, with two of the largest most complex movesets in 5U. Overall, I'd say that Brad's mix-up options are a little more prolific than Ayane's but, he's also limited by his current stance, in terms of what options are available to him.

For instance, when he's in Handstand Stance he has these moves available:

K - i11 Mid K's (can be followed up, up to "KKKK" or transition into Laydown with KK6K for eg.) (Safe on block)
P - i16 Low P that transitions into Laydown (-12 on block)
P+K i13 Mid K launcher (-11 on block)
H+K i21 Mid K stunner (Gut in CS, Limbo in OS) (Safe on block)
H+P i11 High Grab

When Brad enters Handstand, you can jab him out of it immediately with a P or if you're swift you can try a 2P although the HS K's can technically beat it out. In general you either want to be really close to Brad or out of his HS H+K range when Brad enters Handstand. At range, you can nail him with 1P+KK, 9K or 236K to knock him out of HS. When he enters the stance, and he has the advantage, prioritize Mid K Hold since all the dangerous options are Mid K's.

Brad's options from Laydown Stance:

P - i35 High P that cause a Faint Stun (Safe on block)
K - i16 Mid K launcher (-12 on block)
6K - i33 Mid K launcher (-11 on block)
H+K i20 Low K that stays in LS (-15 on block)
P+K i23 Mid K that stays in LS (-9 on block)
H~K i67 Mid K that pops Brad up (-6 on block)
H+P i17 OH

Moves from Reverse Laydown Stance (Heads towards opponent)
*Most moves are variants on the moves from normal LS

P - i23 Mid P (Safe on block)
K - i16 Mid K (-10 on block)
6K - i38 Low K (-9 on block)
P+K - i21 Mid K launcher (-11 on block)
H+K - i25 Low K (-16 on block)
H+P - i15 OH
H - i20 Low parry

When Brad goes into Laydown stance, it's essentially a 50/50 between a Mid K hold or some crouching action you'll have to take such as a Low throw to beat out the OH (or toss him out of LS outright), or a low block or low hold to beat H+K. If he transitions into LS off of 236P or Running P, 4P immediately to knock him out of LS, and beware that he can parry lows such as 2P or 1P in Reverse Laydown Stance (RLS). He can also "Sidestep" LS to avoid linear lows such as 2P. Naturally LS is a "Super tech crouch" stance so it can crush horizontal mids, heavily reducing the effective moves against it. However Ayane's 4P can rape the stance in close. At range, use 9K to smash on Brad's laying down ass. You can also try 3PP if Brad is in LS at a little bit of range, since the 2nd P has similar properties to 4P (note that 4P always launches Brad for a low juggle when hitting LS).

Brad's options from Backturned Stance:

P - i15 High P with followups
K - i18 High K (+2 on block)
H+K - i13 Mid K (-33 on block, big pushback)
P+K - i13 High P (Safe on block)
2K - i20 Low K that transitions into LS (-15 on block)
2P - i12 Low P (-12 on block & -11 on Normal hit; has a Low K & Mid K followup)
H+P - i6 Grab (can reset his opponent for +12 or blast them away)
6P+KP - i17 Mid P's (Safe on block)
4K - i16 Mid K (-12 on block)
6K - i15 Mid K with followups including a -12 on block Low ender
4PP - i15 Mid P's (Safe on block)

When Brad is in Backturned Stance, your best bet is to prioritize crouching since the quicker moves are highs, and his BT 2P is deceptively fast and has priority over Ayane's own fast 2P. If you block 2P, be sure to be mindful of the two followups: A low K that rolls away and a Mid K that is unsafe on block and punishable by low throw. Brad can use H+K to try and interrupt your attempt at offense and "roll" away. Just block this move and use the advantage to position your self better. Beware of BT 4PP's sitdown on hit. The move is also only -6 on block. BT H+P is one of Brad's most dangerous grabs, due to its ability to reset his opponent and grant him +12 while remaining in BT stance. In fact Brad has a few "Reset grabs"

BT H+P - Grants +12 @i6
64 H+P - Grants +11 @i10
Behind H+P - Grants +8 @i5

If you get hit by 64 H+P, you may need to crouch immediately or mash out something like PP to avoid getting reset again by Behind H+P. A big part of Brad's gameplan is to mix-up his opponent, then reset them when they get flustered. Try to keep this reset momentum from building.

At R1F, Brad can hold his own deceptively well due to the many stances he can enter before the round starts. From neutral Brad's technically a i12/i15/i14, but at R1F Brad can gain access to his faster moves. Let's recap: In HS, Brad gains an i11 Mid K; In LS he gains an OH and a Mid K launcher with a lot of hit priority, and in BT stance he gains an i12 Low P and an i13 Mid K "interrupter". If Brad is in HS, jab immediately. If Brad is in LS, 2P immediately or back away (preferable). If Brad is in BT, prioritize BT 2P by low blocking or holding.

When in doubt, try to play a ranged game with Brad, because he'll need to get creative with how he approaches Ayane. He'll likely try 236P, Running P, or 66K (ranged Low K). He likely won't try 236P from mid range or closer so look out for 66K, since that's usually a go to choice for opening up the opponent. By and large, Ayane beats out Brad at range, but he can still mix-up you up if he's at the right range. Watch out for his crane stance because it contains moves with good priority such as H+KPP/H+KK and an OH. If he enters CS from close range, jab immediately or 2P, since his fastest attack is i12. CS 4K is also quite fast at i13. Just like with HS, either stay very close to Brad or out of the CS H+K~~~ range. Most attacks in CS are safe on block.

Brad's options in Crane Stance

P - i12 High P
K - i15 High K
H+KPP - i41 Mid K followed by two Mid Ps
H+KK - i41 Mid K followed by a High K
H+P - i19 OH
4K - i13 Mid K
P+K - i19 Mid P launcher
6P - i16 Mid P with followups
66P - i20 Mid P CB

The optimal range to fight Brad at is around Mid range or slightly further away to reduce the effectiveness of his mix-up game. When in close, from neutral, Ayane pokes much faster than Brad, however he has numerous ways to deal with faster characters in close such as 4P for crushing highs, 4P2 or(8) for crushing highs and sidestepping and of course Laydown Stance for heavily reducing an opponent's offensive options. You're not going to be using 3H+K as much in this MU as others, but 4P, 2P, 1P & 3PP can work wonders for knocking Brad out of stances and keeping his BS in check.

In DOA4 Brad struggled against Ayane, but in DOA5 Brad is a solid character with dangerous mix-ups and resets. However, Ayane is still arguably one Brad's worst MU's so I reckon this MU is 6-4 in Ayane's favour due to how well Ayane can zone Brad, her quicker overall poking speed, and her proficiency in knocking Brad out of his stances. Plus, Ayane also dominates Brad in the neutral game effectively limiting his offense when he doesn't have the advantage. Beating Brad is based almost entirely on knowing how to deal with his stances and punishing unsafe transitions & moves.

Ayane (i10/i13/i12) vs. Leifang (i10/i12/i15)

The two arguably best defensive characters go head to head here! The essence of this MU for both characters is based around finding a way to make your opponent scared to attempt to attack you through utilization of their defensive options. For Ayane that involves intimidation through zoning her opponent out with proper spacing, and for Leifang that involves intimidation through implementation of her strong Expert Holds, parries and crushes.

Here's an overview of her Defensive Hold techniques

High P Hold = 65 dmg (97 dmg on HiCH)
Expert High P Hold = 75 dmg (112 dmg on HiCH, Strong knockback)
High K Hold
= 65 dmg (97 dmg on HiCH)
Expert High K Hold = 75 dmg (112 dmg on HiCH)
Mid P Hold
= 65 dmg (97 dmg on HiCH)
Expert Mid P Hold = 70 dmg (104 dmg on HiCH)
Mid K Hold
= +15 advantage + BT
Expert Mid K Hold = 20 dmg, +15 advantage + BT (30 dmg on HiCH)
Low P Hold
= 65 dmg (97 dmg on HiCH)
Expert Low P Hold = 75 dmg (112 dmg on HiCH, Strong knockback)
Low K Hold
= 65 dmg (97 dmg on HiCH)
Expert Low K Hold = 75 dmg (112 dmg on HiCH)

High & Mid Parries = +16 advantage

Leifang's holds are very strong especially if she is utilizing her Expert Holds often. Her Expert Mid K is likely the most devastating with the capability to lead into 100+ dmg combos with good wall carry. And most Leifang players just love to toss out this hold (and you'll quickly realize why once you get hit by it)! As a result you'll have to be careful with when you toss out Mid K's against Leifang, i.e. those oh-so-tempting CH BT6K and BT4H+K setups for example may need to get replaced or you may be in for a world of hurt. Be careful with Mid P's when Leifang has her back to a wall because both of her Walled Mid P & Expert Mid P holds are brutal, especially to dangerzones. Her Expert High P Hold can also smash you into walls. Be wary of using Low P's predictably when Ayane has her back to a wall or edge since the Expert Low P Hold can knock you back a fair distance. Leifang will also attempt to maintain the advantage on you from neutral or slight disadvantage by utilizing her High and Mid parries. To try and discourage parry and expert hold attempts, I tend to throw her more often than other characters for juicy Hi-counter damage.

Leifang's Offensive Hold techniques

66T = i16/40 dmg (Walled version = 50 dmg plus slump down status)
236T~4T~66T = i20/90 dmg (Breakable)
236T~4T~46T = i20/85 dmg (Breakable, Strong knockback)
3T = i10/50 dmg (Decent knockback, Low OH)

Leifang's R1F strikes

Fastest initial strikes:

P = i10/ -5 on block/ -3 on hit/ 10 dmg (High P)
= i12/ -12 on block/ -8 on hit/ 17 dmg (Mid P)
= i11/ -14 on block/ -3 on hit/ 22 dmg (High K)
= i12/ -14 on block/ +3 on hit/ 20 dmg (Tracking High K)
= i13/ -10 on block/ -7 on hit/ 22 dmg (Mid K)
= i15/ -4 on block/ +0 on hit/ 5 dmg (Low P)
= i15/ -9 on block/ -3 on hit/ 10 dmg (Low K)

Strings off of Fastest strikes:

PPP4 (HHH~Punch Parry)
PP6PP (HHMM) (Tracking)
PP6P4 (HHM~Punch Parry)
PPKK (HHHH) (Tracking)
PPK2K (HHHM) (Tracking)
PKK2K (HHML) (Tracking)

6P4 (M~Punch Parry)
6PK6P (M(M/H)M)

(HH) (Tracking)
K2K (HM) (Tracking)

(HML) (Tracking)


Once Leifang has you playing defensively, she's naturally going to try and open you up. She has great OH's including the very fast 66T, that can set up a wall-resetting slump down status, the i20 236T combo hold that can get big damage if either sequence is completed and the i10 3T for catching crouching statuses such as Ayane's twirls. Anytime you suspect an OH attempt, immediately crouch or throw her. Her 236T is breakable, but 66T can catch you easily especially on wake-up or when Ayane has her back to a wall. Don't let Leifang abuse 66T!

Leifang also has many strings off of her P, with PP2K & P2P2K being the most likely ones to be used to open you up thanks to the tricky low sweep off them. 1KK also leads to the same sweep and it is a good idea to get acquainted with it to be able to block or low hold it on reaction (including raw 2H+K's). PKK2K and 4KK2K also end in low sweeps and can throw you off easily but the kicks go in a more predicable "High-Mid-Low" sequence. The trick is to not crouch too earlier after the high sweep or the mid sweep will nail you (which definitely happens because of the instinctual nature to duck after she crouches down to perform the mid sweep :().

Overall, for R1F Leifang has the advantage thanks to having an i12 Mid P and an i13 Mid K that will beat out Ayane's mids at neutral thanks to it dishing out 22 dmg (Ayane's i13 6P deals 18 dmg and her i13 6K deals 20 dmg). Ayane's 6P used to trade in earlier editions when it was 22 dmg but unfortunately got nerfed to 18 dmg. Leifang is also one of about only 3 characters that possesses an i11 neutral 5K (Genfu and Kasumi are the others). As with other i12 mid strikers, Ayane's KK will be your main deterent to the use of 6P or 3K in neutral thanks to it's i12 speed and hefty 27 dmg for the initial kick. KK will also counteract punch parry attempts off of Leifang's 4P+K's (or strings that end in it such as PPP4). A strategy she may employ is to try and throw you off with strike FC's that can transition into the punch parry to maintain the advantage on you. KK, 2P or throw these parry attempts. On a different note, quite a bit of Leifang's strings are side-steppable. See how you can implement SS!

Generally you'll have to be a little cautious in R1F against Leifang due to her solid high & mid strike speeds (I.e. you'll need to use 5P's & 2P's to discourage 5K attempts along with sidesteps, and throws and KK's to discourage punch parry and sidestep attempts). Take note also that Leifang's lows are slow with 2P & 2K being i15. Some of her lows can be tricky such as the ones that end in the "2H+K" sweep, but by and large they're fairly slow. Ayane's 2P stuffs her lows when necessary.

Some of Leifang's options at Mid-Range to Long-Range

6H+K (Safe)
66KK (Unsafe for each strike)
4KK2K (Unsafe for each strike)
H+K (Safe)
66P (Semi-safe)
1KK/1KP4 (Unsafe for each strike, 1KP -8 on block)
PP2K (Unsafe)
1P+K (Safe, +5 Advantage GB when fully charged, Strong knockback)

By and large Leifang struggles at range against Ayane, though she's not impotent at this distance either. This is the range that you want to fight Leifang at. She can utilize her defensive techniques and OH's much more effectively in close range so keeping her out should be your goal. Despite having a brutal Expert Mid K Hold, Leifang hates Ayane's 3H+K. This move keeps her out and puts pressure on her attempts to get in. You want to keep her out as much as possible. If Leifang has the advantage such as on wake-up, she may attempt 6H+K (which is no longer a GB but not unsafe) or a run-up 66T. She may poke with 4KK, 1KP or try and sneak in a low with PP2K. H+K will whiff punish you for a CH bounce combo along with 1P+K, which causes a strong knockback on hit. 66KK is used to intercept some of Ayane's attacks through deceptive crushing. Straight-up, I hate 66K or 66KK. It's unsafe, but still, ugh. Crushes more shit than you may think...

Leifang's Infamous Mid-Crushes

66KK = i18/ -15 on block/ +33 on NH & Launch (Mid K x2)
= i17/ -11 on block/ +0 on NH (Mid P x2)
= i18/ -14 on block BT'ed/ Launch on NH (Mid P, Unholdable)

Ah, the bullshit that aids in Leifang's ascent into high tier! Screw her holds and parries, these attacks all have one main thing in common, they all crush horizontal mids like 3H+K :mad:! Ayane gets shit for her "mid-crushes" but Leifang's are at least just as troublesome. On the bright side, they're all unsafe on block. If you can, try to bait these moves out and punish whenever you can to discourage future use. 3P+K is left BT'ed when blocked and is strike punishable. You will have a rough time with this MU if you let Leifang abuse her crushes. Also please punish 46P whenever you block it (-10). It's 13 frames of bullshit :(.

Defense is the best offense. Leifang's strengths are defense but when she smells blood, she can run a lot of shit on you and you may not even know what just happened. OH's, parries, expert holds, FC pokes, crushes, all things to account for in this MU (along with a mean 64P in stun!). I reckon that this MU is 5:5. Both characters are very dangerous when they are in the zone. Range is your best friend in this MU. You need to make it hard for Leifang to use her dangerous tools on you and keeping her out is key. As soon as you stop controlling space, it becomes Leifang's fight for the taking. Stand your ground!

Ayane (i10/i13/i12) vs. Bass (i13/i15/i17)

The "David vs. Goliath" Match-Up of DOA5U, Ayane vs. Bass. The biggest, most imposing dude in the game versus the smallest (well before that pipsqueak Marie Rose came along), yet extremely nimble kunoichi, Ayane. However, this MU is not necessarily a case of "Big Damage" versus "Little Damage". That would be Pai vs. Bass for the most part. Yeah, when Bass hits you it hurts, but Ayane can still dish out the hurt against the big man despite his weight. Although not exactly exclusive to Ayane, it is good to know that her poking speed dominates Bass' on every hit level. This is particularly nice because Ayane's neutral pokes and strikes are designed to both deal with faster character's offense or to lock down slower characters by having them freeze up at the threat of being CH (or even whiff punished when Ayane's BT8P & 1P+K movement is involved) for a potentially big damage setup. This is helped out even more by Ayane's excellent hi-crushing capability. You want the big man to stay put and know his place!

Here's a rundown of Bass' pokes:

P = i13/ -2 on block/ +0 on hit/ 13 dmg (High P)
6P = i15/ -4 on block/ -3 on hit/ 24 dmg (Tracking Mid P)
K = i14/ +2 on block/ -1 on hit/ 33 dmg (High K +GB)
6K = i14/ -10 on block/ +14 on hit/ 26 dmg (Mid K)
2P = i17/ -7 on block/ -5 on hit/ 5 dmg (Low P)
2K = i16/ -10 on block/ +0 on hit/ 12 dmg (Low K, Unsafe)
P+K = i12/ -8 on block/ +26 on hit/ 26 dmg (High P, Unsafe)
3K = i15/ -7 on block/ +5 on hit/ 26 dmg (Mid K)
1K = i18/ -12 on block/ -6 on hit/ 18 dmg (Low K)
1P = i22/ -16 on block/ +12 on hit/ 26 dmg (Tracking Low P)
4P = i17/ -4 on block/ +0 on hit/ 16 dmg (Tracking Mid P)

Strings off of main pokes

PP2P (HHL) (Tracking, Unsafe)

6PP (MM) (Tracking, -GB)
6PK (MH) (Tracking, Unsafe)

6KP (MM) (Unsafe)
6KK (ML) (Unsafe)

2PP (LH) (Unsafe)

3KP (MM)
3KK (MH)

1KP (LM) (Unsafe)

1PP (LM) (Tracking, -GB)
1PP+K (LH) (Tracking, Unsafe)

4PPP (MMM) (Tracking, +GB)
4PPP+K (MMH) (Tracking, Unsafe)

A good thing to note in this MU is knowing what's advantage on block and what's negative. Like most characters, Bass is usually slightly unsafe if you were to block a string ender, however he is safe on any of his "negative" Guard Breaks for the most part and is safe on strings such as variations of 3KP (only -2 on block) or variations of 9K like 3KK (only -4 on block). Since Bass is so much slower than Ayane (and more than 2/3's of the cast), you can confidently poke back at him since he'll have to respect your speed and striking ability. Be sure to punish 6KP (-11 on block) every time you block it since it is a go to string to set up Bass' brutal oki game. Punishing P+K would also help out in this MU to discourage Bass' fastest poke and a key CH stun tool. 1P/1PP is the main low attack to look out for (along with 1K) due to its instant hi-crush capability and tracking. Try to hold the 2nd hit on reaction, but be wary of 1PP+K as a "mix-up attempt" (which is unsafe like P+K).

Bass' Positive Guard Breaks

K = i14/ +2
4PPP = i17/ +6
33PP = i16/ +5
2H+K = i27/ +1
66P+K = i19/ +0
8H+K = i20/ +2
214P = i27/ +3
66K = i18/ +3
236P = i20/ +4
41236P+K = i21/ +6
7PP = i22/ +10 when fully charged
1P+K = i40/ +6 (+24 when fully charged)
7P+K = i40/ +16 when PB is active and charged

Probably the biggest key to working this MU is knowing which GB's are + and which are -. Good GB's like 66K or 33PP you have to watch out for, but feel free to poke back after blocking fraudulent GB's like 6PP or 1PP. After you block a positive GB your primary response should be to continue blocking, however you can also work Ayane's 2P to try and discourage most of Bass' follow-up options after a GB. The downside of continuous blocking is leaving your self open to Bass' fast OH's such as 66T or 41236T. Using hi-crush moves such as 2P or 1P can be a nice deterrent to Bass' highs and throws forcing him to have to try and continue pressure with a mid such as 6P, 4P, 6K or 3K for example. His go to lows, 1P & 1K aren't particularly fast and can be out-poked by 2P under most circumstances (Bass' 2PP is Low-High so the second hit is crouch-able). For the strings that lead into GB's you can generally hold the last hit if you're sharp and watching out for it.

Bass' Offensive Holds techniques

66T = i16/ 42 dmg
41236T = i18/ 45 dmg
41236T (Charged) = i32/ 68 dmg
41236T (Charged) ~23698T~82T = i37/ 90 dmg
8T = i32/ 52 dmg (Jumping OH)
3T = i10/ 52 dmg (Low OH)
BT T = i10/ +15 on hit
BT 2T = i10/ 30 dmg/ +10 on hit (Low OH)

Once Bass has you on the defensive he will try to work in his OH's into his battle strategy. You don't really want that. Use 2P's and 1P's against OH attempts (OH's can still catch hi-crush mids such as 4P or 6P). Though if you know he'll OH you, you can always throw him with something like 214T for 99 dmg on Hi-counter!

Likely the largest equalizer in this MU is this throw: 6T. i6/ 50 dmg/ +10 on hit. Any time Bass blocks something about -7 or worse, you're likely eating a 6T for your troubles. All of sudden, strings like 6PK become notably unsafe. When you have Bass on the defensive, he'll be looking to start his offense with this throw. If you get hit by it, you'll have to eat Bass' mix-ups. You can attempt to fuzzy guard afterwards though his follow-up attack speeds can vary a fair bit based on how he desires to continue the attack (i.e. a GB, an OH, a quick strike like 6K or he can throw out another 6T to annoy you and reset the situation). If he's not following up with quick strikes like 6K or 6P, for example, then you can get away with occasionally 2Ping him.

The other strong equalizer is Bass' Pick-up, Grounded 2T. i7/ +13 on hit. Anytime Bass scores a hard knockdown, he will generally try to "Pick you up" with 2T if you're nearby, or not teching the knockdown. If you get grabbed by this, the same rules apply like if you got hit by 6T. Try to predict his striking and OH pattern to know when to take defensive action, or when to attack with something like 2P.

Overall, Ayane's greatest strength in this MU is her ability to zone out Bass. Once you have him at mid-range or further, he's gunna try to get in on you with attacks such as 66P+K, 6H+K, 66K or run-up 3K for example. None of the attacks he'll approach with are advantage on block (66P+K is +0 which is, like, -5 for Bass anyway), except one, so you can attack after blocking anything. That is except 66K which is +3 and leaves Bass BT'ed. If you block 66K be very wary of BT T, an OH that sets up very damaging combos. He also has a low BT OH if you choose to crouch after blocking 66K. In this situation you may have to guess a little but the advantage is only +3 so your 2P (or 5P if you're feeling frisky) may be able to stuff quite a bit of options. Your main focus will be to look out for the BT OH and try to note what follow-ups he may use (6K, 6P & 4P tend to be likely follow-up pokes after a +GB).

To keep out Bass, use strikes like 3H+K, 3KK, 3P, BT3KK (be careful of his 6H+K), BT2P, BT4H+K, P4P, or 6PK (Try to hit the K at tip range) for example.

By and large I actually think the Bass MU is closer than may appear on paper due to how well Bass can punish Ayane, one of the more unsafe characters in the cast. Bass' 6T is always a threat ready to punish any costly mistakes. I'd say the MU is about 5.5-4.5 (5-5 if rounded) Ayane mainly because of her ability to zone out Bass and dominating him speed wise in close, coupled with her crushes. Though Bass' weight will limit your damage somewhat, especially with Ayane's main damage coming from juggles. Ayane being a Lightweight also allows Bass additional damage to some of his juggles. But that doesn't really change the fact that Ayane will be hitting Bass much more often than he's hitting you if you can keep your poking, spacing and movement in check. However, as soon as Bass hits that 6T or gets a Pick-up, the tables can be quickly turned and a lot of hurt will follow. Do not let that happen!

Ayane (i10/i13/i12) vs. Eliot (i10/i14/i15)

The two youngest members of the cast go at it here, how cute! (*Ahem* I'll just pretend Marie Rose & Honoka don't exist...). Eliot is a dodgy one because you don't see him get utilized that often and when he's throwing strings out, it looks like he's just flailing random moves at all hit levels. As you can guess, Eliot excels at making you wonder just what the fuck he's doing when he's on the offense in close. To be fair, Ayane excels at that too, but Eliot has a lot more string variation to worry about in contrast. If you don't know how Eliot's strings work, he will run rings around you. It's cliché, but knowing is half the battle! Oh, and Eliot has a 10-hit string!

Eliot's Neutral Pokes

P = i10/ -1 on block/ -1 on hit/ 10 dmg (High P)
6P = i14/ -12 on block/ -11 on hit/ 18 dmg (Mid P)
K = i13/ -10 on block/ -1 on hit/ 20 dmg (High K)
6K = i21/ -10 on block/ +19 on hit/ 20 dmg (Mid K)
2P = i15/ -4 on block/ +0 on hit/ 5 dmg (Low P)
2K = i15/ -7 on block/ -2 on hit/ 12 dmg (Low K, Unsafe)
3K = i14/ -8 on block/ +5 on hit/ 20 dmg (Mid K)
1K = i18/ -9 on block/ -7 on hit/ 15 dmg (Low K)
1P = i17/ -19 on block/ -18 on hit/ 10 dmg (Low P)
4P = i15/ -9 on block/ -8 on hit/ 18 dmg (Mid P)
4K = i16/ -6 on block/ +1 on hit/ 24 dmg (Tracking Mid K)
6PP = i15/ -13 on block/ +21 on hit/ 22 dmg (Mid P)
P+K = i18/ -9 on block/ -6 on hit/ 20 dmg (Mid P)

Strings off of Main Pokes

PPP (HHM) (Unsafe)
PP46P (HHM) (-GB)
PPK (HHH) (Tracking, Unsafe)
PP2P (HHL) (Unsafe)
PP4P (HMH) (Unsafe)

6PPP (MHM) (Unsafe)
6PPK (MHH) (Tracking, Unsafe)
6PP2P (MHL) (Unsafe)

KK (HH) (Tracking)
K2P (HL) (Unsafe)

6KK (MH) (Tracking, Unsafe)
6K2KP (MLM) (Unsafe)

3KP (MM) (Unsafe)

1KPP (LHM) (Unsafe)
1KPK (LHH) (Tracking, Unsafe)
1KP46P (LHM) (-GB)
1K4PP (LMH) (Unsafe)
1KP2P (LHL) (Unsafe)

1PPPPPK (LMHMHH) (Tracking, Unsafe)
1PPPPP2P (LMHMHL) (Unsafe)
1PPK (LMM) (Tracking, Unsafe)
1PP2K (LML) (Unsafe)

4PPPPP (MHMHM) (Unsafe)
4PPPPK (MHMHH) (Tracking, Unsafe)
4PPPP2P (MHMHL) (Unsafe)

66PPPPP (MHMHM) (Unsafe)
66PPPPK (MHMHH) (Tracking, Unsafe)
66PPPP2P (MHMHL) (Unsafe)
66P6P (MM) (Unsafe)
66P46P (MM) (-GB)

P+KPPPPK (MMHMHH) (Tracking, Unsafe)
P+KP6P (MMM) (Unsafe)
P+KP46P (MMM) (-GB)

The Dreaded 10-hit String

Strings, so many strings... The number one thing to fighting Eliot is to not allow him to overwhelm you with his strings. In particular try to familiarize yourself with his 1P, 4P, 66P, and P+K strings because those are the lengthiest ones. Most strings tend to alternate between mid and high strikes. And technically on paper, majority of the strings are unsafe on block, but he'll have to finish the string first, which naturally isn't that often. Take note also that most strings have either a Mid P, Tracking High K, or Low P ender. They're all unsafe if blocked. When on the defensive against Eliot, be patient and look for an opportunity to 2P under a high strike. If he finishes a string, throw punish accordingly. Eliot's only real tracking options involve either High K string enders, 4K or 1PPK, so side step is an option. Note that his 46P's are safe, yet negative guard break string enders.

Eliot at Mid-Long Range

66P+K = i25/ +4 on block/ Knockback on hit/ 40 dmg (Mid P, +GB)
236K = i27/ +3 on block/ Knockback on hit/ 52 dmg (High K, +GB)
2H+K = i23/ -12 on block/ +1 on hit/ 20 dmg/ (Low K with follow-up)

At range, Eliot is likely to try and get in with either 66P+K or 236K. He may also utilize the sneaky 2H+K low that stuns on hit and has a Mid P follow-up. 9K or 236K if you anticipate a 2H+K. 66P+K & 236K are a bit of a 50/50 between a Mid P & and a High K. If you block either, Eliot will be at advantage, however his mid & low attacks are a bit on the slow side so you usually can sneak in a 2P or a P if you can anticipate that he may attempt a slower follow-up. 66P+K also pushes back quite a bit too, so you can attempt a backdash as well after that to further the space between you and Eliot.

There isn't really an optimal range to fight Eliot at because his strings can be overwhelming in close and his ranged options aren't exactly weak. However, Ayane's neutral poking speed does outpace Eliot's, with her 2P and 5P being great tools in this MU, allowing her to halt any momentum that he may generate from his string pressure. Overall it would be better to fight Eliot at range as long as you familiarize yourself with his ranged guard breaks and 2H+K, since he will try to pressure you with long strings in close range. Whenever you CH Eliot though, such as with 5KK, you can make him feel the pain from your juggles since he is just a lightweight despite being rather slow in neutral. He does have an i9 strike in 7P however, though it doesn't really grant him advantage, along with pushing you away from him. It's simply a "get-off-me" move for him.

Also be careful of 236T & 214T. 236T is an i12 launcher throw and 214T is a 45 dmg, i10 reset throw that grants +10 advantage for Eliot. When Eliot has you locked down, he will try to hit one of these two throws. Make regular use of 2P's and 5P's to discourage their use. If he's nailing you with strings, SE the stuns, since his strings in particular are quite vulnerable to being SE'ed then blocked; then try to note when he's trying to throw you.

All things considered, I'd likely say this MU is 6-4 in Ayane's favour due to her much better neutral poking speed, and stronger juggle damage. Eliot can hold his own at range, though Ayane's movement allows her to fight at range a little more comfortably. Basically, as long as you don't let Eliot get to you with his strings and reset throws, this shouldn't really be a tough MU for Ayane. But as implied earlier, knowing is half the battle and knowledge is power :cool:!
Curious to see how Ayane's MU's will turn out in DOA6 once the new mechanics are fully accounted for.

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Right now, it seems like Ayane's MU's with Kasumi, Hayate & Hayabusa all seem pretty even and similar to DOA5 (all pretty much 5-5 so far based on beta impressions), but what do people think of the Diego MU? This character brutalizes me in close range (his damage is no joke, especially if I am backed into a corner), however, Ayane's poking & movement game is quite superior to his. I'm leaning towards either 6-4 Ayane or 5.5-4.5 Ayane.
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I felt like I was able to win matches against Diego based mostly on mobility. He seems super strong up close but he could have trouble closing the distance. It also keeps you out out of the range of his low punch into guard break shoulder (sorry I don't know the command), which in these early days is a good tool, although I got used to sidestepping after seeing the low punch. But really this is where the mind games can really get flowing in a match, so I'm excited to see how that develops later in the game's life. It'll be hard to tell if Ayane really has the advantage over Diego until people are able to get into training mode and lab him up.


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That's 1PP and it's arguably Diego's best move. I found a lot of Diego players whining about Ayane during the beta, but I imagine it will likely be a bad MU for Diego once the main game drops. With that said, I'm curious if Diego does end up being a "bad" character when the game drops. Diego pretty much tore it up at the EVO'18 DOA6 tournament.
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