DOA6 Bass, Tina, Mila Reveal Trailer

Team NINJA have revealed most of the wrestling characters in their latest Dead or Alive 6 trailer. This reveal not only shows us gameplay, but also gives us a good idea of what "Team Muscle" is up to now. Bass, Tina, Mila and a new wrestling ring stage have been added to Team NINJA's Official DOA6 website.

Tina and Bass open this video promoting their new wrestling team or faction called "Team Muscle." Bass seems very pleased with this, but perhaps he doesn't see Tina's intent to use this new team as promotion for her governor campaign? Mila is also back in the ring, and her fighting passion is exactly what Bass looked for in his only daughter.

Bass and Tina have an interesting relationship, and it would be great if the two characters were finally able to find a compromise in DOA6 after years of Tina not giving Bass the credit he deserves, and Bass not being accepting of Tina's life goals. Maybe Mila will be the perfect equalizer for this story, and be the fighting partner that Bass is looking for.

When the reveal trailer takes you to the 'Muscle' wrestling ring stage, it begins to look like Team Muscle is more than a wrestling faction, but an actual circuit like NJPW. DOATEC is actually sponsoring this duo with the new look from the custom ring to the flashy titan-tron; Helena's dime can go a long way. The wrestling promotion might be used to scout out new talent for the DOA tournaments.

The gameplay starts off with Tina executing a new wall throw that is a crucifix power-bomb complete with electric ring rope damage. Right after that we see a double swinging Paige-Turner that looks to be a throw from the side, and has the twirling flair of her neck crusher.

Bass demonstrates his new moves as well with a new wall throw that looks like a faster 4P string. His Fatal Rush combo is not something you want to be a part of. All of the moves in it are unique, save the 66P, and the fourth hit looks similar to 9K with knock-back.

Mila comes to the ring smiling and stinging like a bee with the two opening shots of her P string followed with a back away 3P. Mila uses Hayate's mid-kick from his 6P string to knock Tina into the ropes and finishes with the returning Bass Kick. Tina retaliates with a unique fatal rush opener using a crushing knee, slaps and her familiar 1P+K. Mila finishes this fight with her break blow.

The reveal ends with Bass getting pumped up outside of the Colosseum, and Tina reveals to Mila that she's rooting for her to defeat Bass because she wants Mila to achieve her goal. It's nice to see the MMA and wrestling return, but it also makes you wonder if Lisa will be fighting differently than she did before as her wrestling presence isn't shown in this reveal.
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:eek: I've spent the last few weeks fearing Tina wont be in the base game so this is the best DOA news I've heard in a long while :D

Really liking the Armstrong's new outfits but I'm kinda disappointed how the only change in Mila's outfit is her gloves...
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They look so good! Someone on Twitter was tryna tell me the game looked worse than DOA5, they must be blind xD I'm not really a fan of either of the three characters or the remastered Fighting Entertainment stage but it is nice they're all in, amd English voices are confirmed as well too! ^.^

If they're going by this three character reveal formula now, my bets are next month Lisa, Eliot, and Kokoro will be shown next since they were the newcomers of DOA4. Idk if they'll have any connection but maybe Eliot and Kokoro might since they do have a tag throw iirc and Eliot did beat Kokoro in the DOA5 tournament too

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I'd love the new girl to be connected to Leon somehow. Would be surprising at least. Make him relevant...

*My hopes/bets*
Trailer (November): new girl, Leon, Lisa
Trailer (December): Eliot, Brad, Gen
Trailer (January): Christie, Kokoro, Raidou
Inbetween trailers: Nyotengu, Phase 4 and the special edition costumes!
Like family related possibly?
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