DOA5LR BBoy Dragon Defeats the Competition at Summer Jam XII

The Dead or Alive 5: Last Round tournament at Summer Jam was a complete event with a surprise IRL stream from @Dragon Ninja, incredible matches from everyone in attendance, and a big win for @Bboy Dragon. @Ichiron47 came close to winning SJ, and successfully reset the Grand Final, but Bboy's sheer aggression was too much You can view Dragon's stream in several different parts via his Twitch channel.

For your reference: Part 1 is a brief test stream with one match, Part 2 contains pools, Part 3 completes top 4, and Part 4 is Grand Finals. You can follow along with the finished bracket to keep matches in order as you view the event. Congratulations, Bboy Dragon for winning Summer Jam XII!


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It was nice seeing my Phase 4 idol BBoy win! Ichiron was close to winning so I'm sure he's happy about how he performed, when I commissioned a shirt from him a few months ago he was determined to win SJ and he definitely showed his resolve with the results, 2nd place is still very good
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