DOA6 Big Team NINJA TGS Announcements

Koei Tecmo released their schedule for TGS, and it looks to be another strong, informative showing from Team NINJA. The annual Tokyo Game Show is happening September 20th-23rd, and Dead or Alive 6 will be a featured game nearly every day of the event. There have been a number of years where TGS has revealed very little to us, but it would seem Team NINJA is more transparent and open with DOA6 than any previous title, and this makes better news leading up to the release.

Yohei Shimbori will open the show on the 20th with a 45-minute overview of Dead or Alive 6. He will show an updated game here and follow up with any community questions that players could have left. Shimbori is definitely in touch with what the fighters like, and this will be an excellent platform to educate us on the progress of DOA6. Anyone that would like more information on gameplay will likely enjoy this stream.

DOA does not have announcements on the 21st, but the demo will likely still be playable on the show floor for those in attendance. Shimbori will be back on stage the 22nd for another DOA6 Exhibition with streamer, Usao. At the EVO showdown, Shimbori showed off his skills and utilized a few moves others hadn't seen yet with Hayabusa and Diego. Watching a developer play their own game well is refreshing, and Shimbori is definitely a good player that isn't going to give you a horrible hands-on video that demonstrates nothing.

The final day will begin with a special DOA6 tournament featuring TGS fighters. There is little known on the fighters that will participate, but we are more than likely to spot new moves and learn new things while the Japanese players enjoy the game for the first time in Japan. A trailer is already confirmed with their schedule release and will likely be the special announcement during the event.

For many years, FSD has around here to update you with the best DOA forum and news available to the fighters, and now we have a fresh look going into the future. Because of the offline scene, dedicated players and Team NINJA created a bond that fighters have never experienced before with this developer. This is the kind of teamwork that crafts a masterpiece, and we are going to document the evolution of this bond every step of the way.
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I feel like Ayane is a good bet. With one of the new wonder twins, either Marie Rose or Honoka. And I hope for a nice expansive stage.
Kind of hopeful to get more than just two character reveals. Like more of a blowout for TGS. But not holding my breath as I feel like they will just stick with showing two at a time.


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Ayane for sure.
Kokoro is likely too.
Marie and Honoka maybe.
The new female probably ?

As for the boys, maybe Raidou, Eliot or Brad...

This TGS looks very exciting! Cannot wait!
Being Japan, the focus will likely be on the female characters, so Ayane, and Kokoro would be pretty safe bets along with the new female character. Then TN would pop out their *coughs* "big guns" Marie Rose and/or Honoka to pump up the Japanese audience.

On a side note, I seriously hope DOA6 gets an arcade release in Japan.
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