Christie's Top 10 Moves?


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Hi everyone. So I am a total noob trying to learn Christie first. Noticed people posted their top 10 moves for other characters, but not for Christie. Thought it would make a nice starting list. Anyone willing to share their opinion on this. Would be greatly appreciated!


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Top 10? God i love all her stuff

Jak 1K6K
Jak 1KK
Jak 6P+K
Jak 4P

and a lot more besides that useless 6H+K move i like every move from her

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I would add these moves as I think they're very useful:
7K : a very good defensive move, very fast (i12) with crushing properties.
9KK : it has a good range, can punish low wake-up kicks and it's -7 on block.
46P : it can be used for whiff punishing since it has a good range and it's -7 on block.
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This is a list I written in a notepad some time ago. I was doing a Christie guide of some sort, but kinda dropped the project after seeing somebody more experienced did a better job. And I'm really glad about that, lol. Anyway, I had a "top 10 moves list" in there so why no share it. Have in mind it could be outdated. I haven't played much lately and I don't know if there were new techs found out for Christie recently.

"Top 10 moves - by FakeSypha (yeah, opinions ahead)"

JAK (Jakeiho stance) - super evasive stance - 'sidestep? pff, get on my level bitch'. This stance is highly evasive. It will evade all non-tracking moves, all tracking higs, and some tracking mids. Christie has plenty of options from here, but the ones I'd like to remark are: JAK 2K2K (double sweep), JAK 2K6K (sweep and midK), JAK P (launcher on CH), JAK 44K (running sweep. I like to use this on foe's wake up. It's rather situational and requires timing but it adds to the oki game)

4P+K - Guard Break. 30i. +15 on block. A bit slow, so you can see it coming a mile away but well timed it can be very, very useful opening up the foe. Even if Christie doesn't get any guaranteed setup from it (just 6P is guaranteed) the frame advantage is still pretty good if you mixup decently.

JAK 2K6K - Another useful tool to open up an enemy when they get too comfy in their standing guard. The sweep will put the foe in a short stun (SE'able) and the mid K will prolong said stun. From then you can just launch, or 'work' the stun, then CB, etc. Again, keep you mixup varied if you opt for the latter.

214P - Sit down stun, whiff punisher. 32i. The only sitdown stun Christie has so far. I like this one a lot. Whiff-punishing with this tool is easy, but don't overuse it. It's rather slow and damn unsafe. 1.02: While the only TRUE guaranteed thing it came of it is a mere 6P, in reality it's not that easy to fully SE this stun. So you can usually follow it with a 8K. 1.03: In this patch, sit down stuns are inescapable so here it truly grants more options, but I'd recommend going for a launcher and get some precious guaranteed DMG.

2H+K - Low poke. 16i. It has great range when followed by P. That P also produces a minor stun. It's good for poking, but the first K alone will get you a -9 on hit. Have that in mind.

6P - Mid poke. 11i. Awesome to poke form medium distance. Can be stringed to 4 mid punches, which is not advised because 1) the last one is too unsafe, 2) they're easily held. The full string is guaranteed on BT opponents. Also, the string can be turn in to JAK after 6PP. You can string delay this move to fish for CH or HCT.

6PP - Natural combo. You gotta love this move. Use it after a FT to get another wall bounce, to get another FT, and so Christie's vortex begins.

9PP - Low crush, wakeup crush. One of my favorite moves to stuff low wakeup kicks. You whiff the first P, and the the secound grants you a bounce which leads to a full combo (which is neat). The first P can stuff mid wakeup kicks but requires a precise timing.

P - fastest move in the friggin game. 9i jab. Not much to add here. Wins in a lot of situations. Strings from it are a bit telegraphed if not delayed.

7K - Low crush, 'get off me' move. 12i. It's fast, it's a mid K, and gets you a little breathing room when you're under pressure. Again, can't overuse it since it's unsafe on block.

I would add these moves as I think they're very useful:
7K : a very good defensive move, very fast (12i) with crushing properties.

Seriously, this. Why nobody posted it? This move saved me more than I would like to acknowledge, lol.
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I'm probably not the first person, but I've discovered you don't even need 10 moves to destroy people with Christie

pp - i9, safe, good mixup
6pp - i11 mid string, basically a two in one and safe due to followups
4k - i14 safe uppercut stun with stupid reach
214p - safe, evasive sit down that guarantees ~100 HP if not perfectly SE'd
jak - use it in case someone thinks they're allowed to hit you

She has a bunch more good ones but there's barely any point in using them. I would say Christie is in her own tier especially online and I'm sure the only reason she's escaped catastrophic nerfs so far is because she's popular at TN's offices


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Some Top 10 Moves:

1. P - i9 jab with a myriad of string variation and free-cancel ability. One Christie's best pressure tools and go to poke in close

2. 6P - i11 mid P which is uber fast and has deceptively wicked range and numerous follow-ups including a JAK transition. One of Christie's best CH & poking tools.

3. 4K - i14 mid K which grants a lot of frame advantage on CH and provides a solid launch if used to exceed the stun threshold. Solid range also along with having follow-ups

4. 2H+K - i16 low poke with good high crush ability and 2 follow-ups.

5. 214P - i32 back feint attack that delivers a very dangerous SDS on NH and an even more dangerous one on CH. Numerous potential guaranteed follow-ups.

6. 3P+K~T - Pretty much everything from 3P+K is dangerous but 3P+K~T puts the opponent in an SDS along with resetting the situation into another 3P+K mix-up if you please. 3P+K~P+K is also awesome along with 3P+K~K for launches.

7. Walled 66T - I pretty much make it a goal of my matches to set up this throw as much as possible. Once you've put the opponent in a position where they have to deal with this wall pressure move, you've pretty much won the round.

8. 3PPP - Or any of the pokes that lead into the "Machine-gun fists" are awesome. You get to either charge up a guard break, get an attack throw that leads into a combo and wall slams, free cancel into JAK stance or just toss the move out since it's only -5 on block making it "throw punish bait".

9. JAK - Along with having a shitload more follow-ups than a normal SS, this move gets me out of more jams than anything else thanks to being a tech-crouching SS. Great for trolling Kokoro players. :oops:

10. 7K - i12 Mid K "DP" move. The other move that gets me out of more jams that I've lost count of. Amazing move and love it for wall-slamming thanks to its damage and speed. Excellent for low-crushing and interruption as well.
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