DOA6 Crazy Steady Wins Final Round 2019

Crazy Steady successfully defeated the extremely impressive Black Berry in Grand Finals to win Final Round 2019! This was a competitive event that was filled to the brim with top-tier DOA5 players and new players alike making a smooth transition to Dead or Alive 6. Complete your Final Round experience by observing the pools replay from Bifuteki and peruse standings at the FR Smash.GG.

Dead or Alive 6 offline is starting its life in the right direction with 87 fighters registered to the Final Round 2019 tournament and Big E Gaming's April Annihilation on the way. The game being featured weekly by @TeamSp00ky at NLBC is also proving DOAs powerful and growing offline presence within the FGC. BladeZ has won both NLBC events, but Crazy Steady walked out of Final Round winning all 7 matches he competed in.

Top 8 was absolutely stacked with some of the best players around: @Crazy Steady @Blackberry @Killy Delorean @XcaliburBladeZ @Hoodless @SonicFox @Kwiggle @E-Mann bringing you the best live fights and performances we have seen with DOA6 yet. Pools were impressive this year, but unfortunately Pools G1+2 were not streamed for this event. With this write-up Pools F1+2 are highlighted, but if you have tournament footage from other matches please share it in the comments section so it can be admired in the analysis.

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Dr 5H1N081
Amazing event! Too bad they only streamed one out of four pools. DOA needs its own twitch channel. :p
Looking at the brackets at I was wondering if PR-Balrog and GO1 really showed up to play... does anybody know?
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