News Dead or Alive 6 Officially Releases With Day 1 Patch

After months of waiting players will finally be able to launch Dead or Alive 6 on Steam, PS4 and XBOX ONE with a Day 1 Patch! Team NINJA has released the visual renders for all 25 'Deluxe Set' costumes to those that purchase a Digital Deluxe version of DOA6. You can also look forward to playing Phase 4 if you bought the Digital Deluxe, and Nyo-Tengu for simply ordering the game before launch!

The Day 1 patch will grant access to Nyo-Tengu, Phase 4 and the Deluxe costumes, fixes various system issues and initiates game balancing beyond the final build that will also add a rematch option for rank and throw-downs to various modes of DOA6. You are required to have Playstation Plus or XBOX LIVE to access the online multiplayer features, but you can fight for free on the Steam platform. If your system can handle it the PC version will also provide you the best visuals possible for DOA6, so check out the recommended specs!

If you are just joining the DOA community be sure to enhance your experience by registering at FSD to participate in all upcoming activities for DOA6. Our community is rallying behind our first experience at the massive and entertaining CEO tournament, and more news will be released for Dead or Alive World Championship in the coming weeks. This is the best time to get involved with Team NINJA's latest 3D fighting masterpiece so get out there and show the world that we are fighters!
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Had some problems with the PSN store last night where I couldn't find the digital deluxe edition, I was so angry my neighbors yelled at me to keep quiet. Game is now back in the store and was finally able to buy it. Things look ok for now but I still keep expecting something to go wrong. I'll see in a few hours when the download is done...
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