Dead or Alive 6 ++ Update 2 Released

There is a new second update to Dead or Alive 6 ++ by @Rev_an and it's available now for PC players! Check out the Patch Notes for all of the serious gameplay changes, character tweaks and other various adjustments. If you like what you see download 6++ Beta Update 2 and get ready for action! Rev has some additional comments that he left in the forum as a type of summarization for this update:

There's an updated dll and config file this time, so make sure you replace those as well as the character data. This also breaks the base mod's compatibility with Vanilla 6 since we're using one of the [gameplay] section's toggles; so make a backup of and remove d3d11.dll if you need to turn the mod off. It will no longer be sufficient to empty out the replacements folder.

Update 2 is trying out a big change to juggle scaling (old scaling) and ground game (DOA5 Vanilla-ish) and whether those are upheld or reverted, we can actually start thinking about balance.

If you have any further questions or concerns pertaining to this update, please contact Rev in the Original Post. Credit goes to the amazing Crimson Genesis for his awesome photo of Hitomi used in this banner. Give him a like and a follow on Twitter; you will not regret it if you like DOA6 Combos & Photography.

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