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DOA Festival will begin streaming live in Japan today at 8 pm PT/ 11 pm EST! You can catch up on Team NINJA's plans for the Festival by reading our latest issue of the FSD weekly digest. Expect a lot of news posts to follow this event and look forward to the brand new gameplay and DOA5: Last round tournament.

DOA Festival Stream Reference
Before DOA Festival started streaming DOA5: Last Round fights were recorded by Air Gear. Team NINJA opens up the festival with a quick schedule rundown before their big presentation. @Matt Ponton is adding valuable commentary to the FSD Twitch channel for the entire event.

The DOAX portion of the show opened up announcing new DOAX: Venus Vacation content. After the PC version news concluded, DOAX3: Scarlet was announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. This is the first time the Dead or Alive name has been associated with Nintendo since DOAD on the 3DS.

DOA Festival's cosplay show took place after the DOAX announcements. @EMPEROR_COW amazed the community once more with his Leon cosplay and theatrics. The performers did a great job of showcasing the many different types of characters DOA has to offer.

Team NINJA opens their DOA6 stage show with a tutorial designed to educate new players on the current system. Yohei Shimbori demonstrates Bayman and Marie Rose in a few exhibition matches, and we also see the new 'Road Rage' level in action. For the first time ever they show a new custom slot option for character costumes, accessories and titles.

Everyone put up a great fight at the DOA5 tournament, but Teru Rock stood tall as the winner of DOA Festival. His set against Siologica in grand finals was incredible, and his Leifang play was picture perfect. Siologica put up a fantastic fight against him with his Genfu and Mai.

Team NINJA concluded their DOA presentations with character and stage reveals. Kokoro and Lisa 'La Mariposa' Hamilton return to Dead or Alive with a few story sequences, and BRAND new moves for both characters. Team NINJA also reveals their new female character, NiCO -- and she might have the most explosive move set we have seen yet.
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JST times

1:00PM Opening
1:20PM DOAX Venus Vacation 1st Anniversary Commemorative Stage
2:15PM Cosplay Collection
3:15PM DOA6Exhibition Stage
4:20PM DOA5 Last Round Final Tournament

PT times

8:00PM Opening
8:20PM DOAX Venus Vacation 1st Anniversary Commemorative Stage
9:15PM Cosplay Collection
10:15PM DOA6Exhibition Stage
11:20PM DOA5 Last Round Final Tournament

So DOAXVV 1st Anniversary showed new features (new room, new SSRs for all girls)
DOAX3 Scarlet for PS4 and Switch.
DOA6 costume customization (mix and match with hairstyle and accessories)
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