Dead or Alive YouTube Channel Streaming at 8pm EST

Hello - it's been quite some time since the last update has it not? Hopefully everyone in the community is staying safe out there! If you've been bored and desperate for some news pertaining to our game you might be interested in watching the 'Japan Fighting Game Publishers Round Table' today at 8pm EST via the Dead or Alive channel on YouTube.

This will feature a panel, a slew of fighting games, announcements for fighting games and more. The director of Dead or Alive 6, Yohei Shimbori will be present at this panel to answer questions. What could happen at the round table is the question people have on their minds, and while there are no concrete answers there are some possible outcomes to examine:

Dead or Alive 6 Ultimate is not a far cry since the vanilla version of the game has been discontinued and a lot of players would like to see Team NINJA's vision for the game revised. It's hard for anyone to believe that a DOA sequel could be in the works this soon, so the Ultimate version of 6 becomes that much more likely. You can't assume that KT would apply themselves to a round table presented on their own channel to cancel the series.

Though there is no reason to "get hype" either as this could simply just be a Q&A in which Shimbori participates. Questions could revolve around the development of their games and might just be a conservative experience with the company, but with no news in months, this seems like a round table that warrants a watch. What do you hope is discussed or shown?

Dead or Alive photography for this story is provided by expert video game photographer - Kasumi Lover. Follow his work at his official Twitter page.
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There's a skeleton crew working on the game, two people at most, just in case of emergencies. But overall the team has moved on to other projects for now.

Ah gotcha. Cheers for confirming that Matt. There's no way to be a whole disband. Knew it was a smaller team/skeleton out of the big ones :p
There's a skeleton crew working on the game, two people at most, just in case of emergencies. But overall the team has moved on to other projects for now.
Projects? I suppose there was one project - nioh, since Venus Vacation is made by other people
On one hand, that gives me some hope for DOA since I can tell myself that they went back to the drawing board to make a good DOA game. But, on the other hand it could also mean DOA was just abandoned and it's a done deal, in a worst case scenario. Whatever they do I hope learn their lesson and start listening to the people who play the game and make adjustments based on that, similar to what's happening to GG.
Actually, I wouldn't mind if there isn't a new DoA for a while... if there's anything I want from the proper Team Ninja right now, it's a new proper Ninja Gaiden. Then they can go back to DoA. In the meantime, put some DoA up on XBO's and XSX's backwards compatibility at least.
I know what you mean, haha. It happened to me, too, when I was planning on streaming all day long. I only managed to last 11 hours of live streaming, and it seemed to me that it was already a lot. That's why I decided to make videos and publish them on youtube instead of streaming. I benefited a lot from the help me to convert required files for my video projects. I'm sure if you need it, it will be an effective method for you as well.
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