DOA x KOF:AS Announcement & Kula Diamond Guide

SNK recently announced that their mobile title The King of Fighters: All-Stars would crossover with Dead or Alive characters. The KOF characters: Mai (who appears in DOA5 & DOA6) and Kula Diamond (DOA6) were widely well received and the significance of this crossover several years later is that the relationship between SNK and Team NINJA is still apparent. This also marks the first time that DOA and Tekken have crossed over in any form of media as mentioned by veteran fighter, @DestructionBomb .

The King of Fighters competitive scene has been praising the look of Mai since debuting to DOA in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. Both series seem to be a natural pair, and let's not forget the Virtua Fighter guest appearances in the DOA5 saga that changed the way we look at DOA competitively. KT and Team NINJA both seem to have a knack for keeping healthy relationships within the game industry and it's shown in this latest crossover despite DOA fighting games being somewhat off that map for over a year.

This week's community contribution ties in with this cross-over; an advanced Kula Diamond guide for all Dead or Alive 6 players brought to you by long-time contributor, @KasumiLover . This guide sports her pros and cons as a character, plus KL deep-dives into her entire move-set. The most impressive part of this guide is how much ground it really covers from: floor game, explanation of throws, frame-data & numerical inputs all included in this great game guide.


The DOA crossover has been dated for July 29th, and there is a clear reason to continue having hope for future fighting games as the Dead or Alive 6 title is used for this crossover. Even if this crossover was planned months ago, Koei Tecmo still shows some type of faith in this entry by listing it that way to begin with. With the praise DOA6 has received running on the Xbox Series X, the continued success of DOAX: Venus Vacation, and now crossing over with KoFAS - it seems possible we could see them give the game some second-entry treatment.

I have a feeling that a DOA6 Ultimate is probably what's coming. Hayashi has talked about working on a new project and while he does that I'm sure he would feel comfortable reusing the DOA6 assets in the mean time. Of course this is all speculation, but using the Dead or Alive 6 logo in an advertisement is some stock that they are not done milking it for what they can.

Once again "hope" is not confirmation. This is speculation within reason of what's been seen.
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