DOA5 Christie vs DOA5U Christie


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I get the feeling nobody want talk about Christie here.
I hope this topic get a bit feedback and opinions.
What you guys think about Christie in DOA5U, is she now better, on the same level or weaker.

Personally i miss the Jak1k6k & Jak1kk neutral stun from the vanilla version and some misses the 4p+k guard break that was givin a guaranteed 6p(myself i used it rarely cause the move is on close distance just too slow for me) and she lost the unholdable 9k sadly.
Compare to the vanilla version she was gettin some great new stuff with the 7pp String 7ppp Launcher. The 4p+k whiff into the roll, the new guard break from her roll.
And with the actual 1.04 version her new wallgame even more deadly than before.
And let be serious guys so great it was to have the force techs in vanilla we really dont need it with her. I mean i found recently this new H+KKK Force Tech setup its just a useful thing to kick asses even harder xD
Her Powerlauncher Damage is aswell pretty good and himself against heavys its possible to make more damage with a CB Combo as the powerblow.
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In short words the overall changes from doa5 to doa5u was hurting christie a bit.
In Vanilla she was one of Top but now she is still great but not the same position as in Doa5.
Because in doa5u u have 300 Health now, that means u have to do more than before to win a round and Christie´s Throws and Defensive Holds pretty bad. So u are forced to go straight forward and Christie is very unsafe and get Punished easliy

So overall she is solid with a better wallgame now but against someone who knows the frames u will get a hard time.
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