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How you made the normal maps for the sweat part?


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Sorry for no update for this thread

Here's complete features trailer

Ok, this mod changed a lot

- No more patch for standard version (It's too hard to making two versions
- This mod is ADULY ONLY. If you don't want it, DO NOT DOWNLOAD
- Can't use this mod on Online Match (the match will be disconnect randomly)

Q: Do I need reshade?
A: No. This mod is not using any post processing injector

Q: What's mean that "Adult" contents?
A: Originally DOA5 does not show girl's nipples and other things even when they wet. this mod show girl's body without censorship

Q: I downloaded it but some DLC costumes are not enhanced
A: I didn't purchase some dlcs so I couldn't edit the costumes (it's too expensive and some dlcs now removed from steam store)

Q: I can't select glasses
A: I disabled glasses on almost every costume for some reasons. doa++ allow random glasses feature for CPU player. the CPU player wearing glasses almost everytime. it's annoying to me. sorry.

Q: I don't want adult contents but I want enhanced stage visuals
A: You can revert the costumes to vanilla in lnk reshuffle. but there are over 1500 files.
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1.10 patch released

- Shader fix for various costumes
- Added new costumes for Akira, Hitomi, Mila, Kokoro
- Adjust facial expressions for some characters
- Fixed Jann Lee's Cliffhanger scene
- Adjust textures for honoka's uncensored costumes
- Fixed ZACK_DLCU_003's wireframes
- Reactivated Genfu's DLCU_002(was disabled, my mistake)
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