DOA6: Arcade Tournament Streaming from MIKADO Channel 4

Happy Holidays! Over the past year Dead or Alive 6: Arcade has been making a comeback in Japan not only with the number of people playing, but also increased viewership and interest due to efforts of the Japanese DOA community & Mikado Channel 4 Arcade. They hosted a fun and free tournament for Intermediate and Beginners and their regular monthly tournament. Mr. Kurogane is the regular Kula Diamond player, and his professionally organized tournaments are streamed on a separate Mikado Channel.

The Mikado Game Center promotes Dead or Alive 6: Arcade on a weekly basis streaming the players that come by to show off their skills and with monthly events. They stream on YouTube and save the VODs for your viewing pleasure. We are in the process of getting names of the players that show up regularly so we can further showcase their talents. If you have any information on any of the players, please feel free to share in the comments.

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Hey just wanted to point out that on Mikado Chanel 4 is where they post the weekly casuals in the 対戦会 steams. They post the beginner and regular tournaments on their main channel The beginner tournaments have 初中級大会 in their name. The regular tournament is 月例大会.
Here's the link for this month's tournament
The tournament doesn't actually start until around 26 minutes in.