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Here are a list of changes and new additions to Bass that will be updated periodically. Positive or beneficial changes will be highlighted in green and nerfed or downgraded changes highlighted in red. Changes that are in a way still beneficial or can be an alternative to lost properties will be highlighted in yellow.

This thread aims at gathering and documenting any changes made to the character after game updates.

Current version of the game is 1.19.

New Moves
:4::K: (:T:)
Linear mid kick with decent range and good safety, ideal for whiff punishing and can transition into grab. Has a noticable recovery, so whiffing this is not a good idea. Mostly only gives +9 on hit, unless you link it from a stun or get a hit on high counter.

:4::4::P:, :T:
New hit throw extention to the old 44P. Like 4K, it acts as mid punch hit throw with good damage and positioning.

:426::T__:, :268::T:,:4862:/:6842::T:
New Extention to the charged OH and more of a variety tool than a practical one. Does only 5 more damage compared to the regular ender and it's not that big of a change.

Generally, your combos after the OH has changed, but overall damage is very similar.

New move for the character and technically the return of the DOA3.1/3.2 :4::T: in a more revised form. Can be followed up with an air throw or :P:(:h:) into either :6::K::P: or :T: air throw for some damage. Used to be a central throw in his throw game, but has been relegated to something to be used for throwing into walls or to punish holds.

:T: (Facing Wall)
New wall throw. Despite being a nuetral throw, it's unbreakable and is one of the fastest guaranteed punishes in the game at 4i. Decent damage and allows for controlling your opponent against the wall. Has a surprisingly long wall throw activation, even if you're a bit away from one.

Pretty decent string, more as a tool for stun extention or good as a tracking move with the first :s:. Ofcourse, it's unsafe like all special moves, but it's still great, especially in stun.

Overall a great move. Good range, great damage and good plus frames if blocked. Can be performed after a bound.

New SS move with great priority and decent damage. Something to give a breather against pesky spammers and dragon kickers. Like all SS moves, it's unsafe, but that's a price worth paying for countering pressure and changing momentum.

Changes to Existing Moves
-Stun duration increased on fast stagger from +21 to +26

:4::4::P: (:T:)
-No longer causes limbo or crumpled gut stun
-Causes new turnaround stun with decent amount of stun time (+22)
-Can still cause Limbo/Gut Stun on sidestepping opponent
-Has a hit-throw extention for unscaled damage

-No longer causes Sit-Down Stuns on crouching opponents
-Causes a Fatal Sit-Down Stun on crouching opponents on counter hit or higher

-No longer a GB and is now -13
-Causes Fatal Stun
-Causes a special Fatal Stun on a backturned opponent, giving you only a :3::3::P: followup (or you can choose to pick them off the floor once the stun runs out)

-Changed from +0 on close hit to +1. Can get +2 at tip range

-Causes a spike knockdown on airbourne opponents, allowing for more ground game and more advantage from launching opponents. Also allows for return of DOA5 force-tech setups.

-No longer causes SDS on second hit, only a regular knockdown that grants you no guaranteed followups
-Second hit is now -12

-Second hit no longer causes SDS on normal hit
-Can cause a Fatal Stun on crouching opponent on CH or higher
-Can be used at the end up stun threashold to cause a bound, allowing for another bound followup

-Second hit no longer causes SDS on hit
-Can cause a Fatal Stun on crouching opponent on CH or higher
-Still a natural combo on backturned opponent, but doesn't cause a SDS, which means that he can no longer start a combo with 9PP after a HCH BT OH
-Can be used at the end up stun threashold to cause a bound, allowing for another bound followup

-Low-crush properties revised to allow the move to go over lows better.

-Has bound properties on airborne or after a 9PP/7PP+K bounds

-Low-crush properties revised to allow the move to go over lows better.

-No longer causes sitdown stuns on CH or higher.

-On hit is now +5 from +12, due to auto-staggering system
-Can still be linked into the second followup mid-punch
-Can be easily delayed into the P+K followup

-Facing a wall, now allows for an unbreakable new wall throw

:4::6::T: (DOA5 :4::T:)
-Damage changed from 72 to 60
-Speed changed from i8 to i6
-Allows for i6 wall punish when back is to the wall
-An alternative to :6::T: for punishment

-Replaces old DOA5 :4::T:
-Still triggers a wall throw if your back is to the wall

-Normal damage changed from 88 to 85
-HCT damage now 144 from 132 139 due to changes to HC scaling on regular holds/OHs, however you can now get 148 against Break Holds and Break Blows.
-Changes to wall properties means that wall versions of the throw will trigger on most surfaces such as half walls and on more surfaces consistently
-Damage increased against walls to make up for later changes to Hi-Counter damage scaling changes
-Counter and higher ceiling and wall TFBBs are back

-New specific animation for Counter or HCT TFBB
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Unfortunately it seems that bass got nerved in 1.04a. his follow up after 4t has been nerved and 6p+k is no longer possible
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