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In DOA, different characters have different Weight Classes. A juggle combo might work on a lighter character, but not on a heavier one.

The list goes from heaviest to lightest, tested with the same launcher.
long number = height in centimeters
short number = advantage in frames

CLASS 1 - 243.20901489257812500 - 52 - [HEAVY] Bass, Bayman, Rachel, Raidou (regular, prototype, boss)
CLASS 2 - 253.34812927246093750 - 54 - Helena
CLASS 3 - 254.41017150878906250 - 54 - Brad Wong, Christie, Lisa, Nyotengu
CLASS 4 - 254.58712768554687500 - 54 - Diego, Hayabusa, Hayate, Jann Lee, Rig, Tina, Zack
CLASS 5 - 262.65924072265625000 - 56 - Leifang
CLASS 6 - 264.96023559570312500 - 56 - Ayane, Honoka, Kasumi, Mai, Marie Rose, Momiji, Phase-4, Tamaki
CLASS 7 - 266.02224731445312500 - 56 - Eliot, Hitomi, Kokoro, Mila
CLASS 8 - 266.19924926757812500 - 56 - Kula, NiCO


- last tested 2020-07-23 on PC Ver. 1.22a #8 (1592546717 patch timestamp according to SteamDB)
- launcher used: Diego BT P+K versus a Low Throwing dummy
- Cheat Engine was used to retrieve more accurate Launcher Height values
- if a combo works on one character of one weight class, it doesn't necessarily mean it'll also work on the rest of the characters of that same class, because hitbox differences still exist. Example:
this Jann Lee combo at 0:40 (notation: 6P+K 9K 9P4 K 4KKP)
- only works on open stance with: Ayane, Honoka, Kasumi, Eliot, NiCO
- works on both stances with: Marie Rose
- doesn't work at all with: Leifang, Phase-4, Hitomi, Mila, Kokoro
- old DOA5LR thread
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heavily simplified DOA6 weight class picture I made for myself, divided first by gender and then alphabetically

so I don't have to go "alright I'm fighting a female she's probably lightweight but wait no not really it's Helena she's kinda mid but not really she's slightly heavier on a tier of her own in recent games but let's be real not different enough to actually matter alright she mid" and drop the combo in the process every damn time

I can just look at the picture instead now, thank you TierMaker
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Tina and Lisa being medium weight sorta makes sense I guess. Christie and Helena seem kind of odd being medium weight. I guess because of their height?


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updated with the newer characters (Mai, Kula, Momiji, Rachel, Tamaki) but still re-tested everyone
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