DOA6 DOA6 Nominated for Best Fighting Game of 2019

Dead or Alive 6 has been nominated for 'best fighting game of the year' via the Video Games Awards show streaming now. Players had all of the time in the world to vote for their favorite fighter at the official website for the event, and even if DOA6 has one of the smaller communities and will likely not win against Smash Brothers or Mortal Kombat, it is nice to see our game considered for a GOTY award. Did you vote for Dead or Alive 6, and do you think it's GOTY material?

Despite having a mixed reaction, Dead or Alive 6 won a plethora of awards at last year's E3 and has been downloaded over 2 million times through their FTP system since the release date earlier this year. Team NINJA encourages newcomers to play and support the game and they are offering free characters, frame data and access to all of the stages & modes (but story) through Core Fighers. The community & Team NINJA just wrapped up the first Dead or Alive 6 World Championship sporting an offering of $90,000 in prize money. The game may have some shortcomings, but it has shown to be successful in some avenues where other games are just failing in comparison.
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