Download for Dead or Alive 6 ++ Beta

If you're interested in playing an alternative Dead or Alive 6 on PC, you might enjoy trying out the beta for Dead or Alive 6 ++ a community project that puts the game mechanics in the hands of the fighters. This feels a lot like a DOA remix including: DOA4 stances, DOAD moves, insane damage buffs, the removal of the meter and all kinds of other possibilities that were never possible before. So far it has received strong support from Zakkurye (who already wants to do tournaments for it) and Emery Reigns is also giving DOA6 ++ some attention highlighting character changes on live stream.

Latest Dead or Alive 6 ++ Build

The latest build for DOA6 ++ is the Public Beta 2022.10.29 and now is the most important time to update and play for community feedback purposes so that players have the best chance possible of getting a fair consensus on the build. There are clearly things that need to change to fit the format and it's a bit of a slow job according to @Rev_an but it seems to be coming along nicely and moving at a proper pace.

Please address your feedback with the current build in the original post, and if you need any help with setup, @Rev_an has been patient and kind at helping everyone out as the process becomes public knowledge; we want to make sure fighters give it a try. Once again feedback pertaining to gameplay, tweaks and character tuning is important for DOA6 ++ so the best version of this alternative can exist.

Major props go to @Rev_an @Matt Ponton @Gultigargar @usagiZ and @WAZAAAAA for the creation of the DOA6 ++ Beta. This alternative would also not be possible without the Hitbox Visualizer + Move Set Bin Swapper by @AlexXsWx.

Also be sure to check out the Patch Notes for Dead or Alive 6 ++ as this is where it's going to get extreme for some; and this is where you could be intrigued to play and engaged as a player to fight.

Media for Dead or Alive 6 ++

Emery Reigns is currently playing Dead or Alive 6 ++ and he's putting on a great showcase of the character changes at his Twitch channel. Reigns went crazy when he took his main Hayate to the lab and was treated with throw damage that he has never seen his character have before. Or how about the return of an old move for Raidou that was long forgotten in DOAD? Emery does a great job of illustrating just how fun these gameplay changes can be.

Gill Hustle has been providing the community high quality gameplay for years, so his YouTube channel is a welcomed addition for onlookers who want to see DOA6 ++ in action before they download the update. Once again, Zakkurye streamed the game last night 4-hours with his gameplay highlights and matches.

Thanks @TheIndustrialCowboy for the great photograph! Keep up the good work!
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