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I've recently been playing a lot of DOA++ and have tried different emulators and builds of MAME, and I thought it might be nice to document some of my experiences with them so others who want to emulate the game can find what they're looking for more easily.

MAME: http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/arcade/mame.html
Mame Plus: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mameplus/?source=directory
Screenshot: DOA++ MAME.png
Pros - Seems to emulate the both the game audio and video nearly perfectly.
Cons - Sometimes there's a weird, glitchy horizontal line where the foreground and background meet, but for me this shows up in other emulators too. The only problem for me is that I can't seem to get the game to render the "critical threshold graphic" and the health bar when a player get's stunned, but I've seen it rendered fine in grap3fruitman's videos where he runs MAME, so it might depend on your computer.
MAME Plus - Is pretty much the same as MAME, but with some extra options and interface that I find kind of nice, including custom button mapping (like, say, if you want to map a throw-button that counts as pressing both F and P).

pSxMAME: http://emulationrealm.net/downloads/file/1493-psxmame
Mame Plus Plus: http://www.zophar.net/mame/mame32-plus-plus.html
Screenshot: DOA++ pSx.png
Pros - Unlike regular MAME, which seeks to emulate the original game as faithfully as possible, these two builds support graphic plugins that can render the game at a higher resolution as well as applying filters for upscaling the textures.
Cons - Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a build of MAME that both supports graphic plugins and has good audio. Both of these emulators have really poor sound, with voices and sound effects constantly cutting out, as well as the music being unable to be played properly.

ZiNc: http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/arcade/zinc.html
Screenshot: DOA++ ZiNc.png
Pros - Like pSxMAME, has graphic plugins that can render the game at a higher resolution and it also supports custom buttons.
Cons - The default sound plugin has some weird echoing, but this can be fixed by getting a different sound plugin. I explain how to do it here: http://www.freestepdodge.com/threads/emulators-and-doa.4062/#post-152513

I'm not really sure about this site's policy on sharing ROM's, so I'll just refrain from posting a link for now.

If any of you have a different MAME build or emulator you like or feel is noteworthy, feel free to post it. I'll try to keep this first post as updated as I can.
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@grap3fruitman uses Zinc for those videos I believe.

At least, that's the emulator I gave him for it as at the time it was the only emulator that could run the game at 60 fps on a 32-bit OS.

If you have a 32-bit OS (x86), the game will be slowed down to 1-5 fps maximum speed on Mame32. You have to have an x64 OS in order to run the game at it's desired framerate in Mame32. Otherwise you have to use Mame++ or Zinc.


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Nah, I didn't like Zinc. I used the 64 bit version of Mame, which has some minor, minor video and audio glitches but is otherwise completely playable.


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Not to bring back an old topic but here are some of my comments on emulating this game:

Music in all emulators seams a bit off to me. Seams over synthed.

Most of the emulators I have tried still have a classic playstation emulator glitch where the backgrounds have a line down the middle where the background meets the floor.

Game speed seams a bit off as well.

All of this coming from someone who just acquired a real arcade board of this game at the end of December.
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