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With the recent news that there will be a DOA5 side tournament taking place at EVO in Las Vegas (The tournament itself is taking place on the Saturday), I am very interested in going to this and I wanted to find out if anyone else from the European side is planning on going? The following is an overview of the event....

Evo 2018: 3rd - 5th August 2018
What day is the tournament on: Saturday
Sign Ups: (Coming Soon)

I thought it would be good to have a thread just to see the level of interest, as well as arranging things like flights, hotels, sessions, etc. I have done some research into traveling there and I am hoping that I can start to book things very soon. It would be great if I could share a room with someone while I am there (Just for warming up/training purposes :p).

It would be awesome if we can start the planning now! I'll try to add more information and update this post when I can.

Interested Players

Hurricane Rev
Likes: Lulu
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