Final Round & April Annihilation Canceled due to Coronavirus

Final Round 2020 would have been one of the largest tournaments of the year for Dead or Alive 6, but unfortunately Tamaki will not be able to make her offline debut at FR because of the 2 week rule and the event has been canceled due to the disturbing & life-changing Coronavirus outbreak. Sadly, April Anhihilation is also being canceled due to the virus that has killed thousands of people since the beginning of the year. While it may sting that this virus has caused so much damage it is a good thing that the tournament organizers are looking out for the health of the players.

Remember to wash your hands and stay safe, community!
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damn this virus is f****** everything up. imagine being quarantined, soccer leagues being canceled and traffic is heavy on internet so you get disconnected a lot or have sh**** speed if it's connected and now everything are getting canceled left and right. it's a hard time indeed, wish scientists find a cure soon.
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