DOA6 First Dead or Alive 6 tournament in Madrid, Spain

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So, the tournament was held successfully. Seven players showed up to it, which is nice considering the group organizing it, despite doing a good job, didn't promote it very much. I ended up second and my friend Tulkas won. You can watch the matches in this Twitch link. I'm the guy using Honoka and Tulkas is the one using Hayate.

The organizers were super friendly with us and offered to host more tournaments in the future for the game (there's another confirmed for summer) and they'll let us use their place, which is usually for them to play Street Fighter, for gatherings and show people DOA. Let's just hope this is the beginning of something good.

Edit: At the 2:19:00 mark they interview me and I talk a bit about the changes in the game and what I think of it. It's in spanish though. Obviously,
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