FreeStepDodge Chatroom Now Open!

Matt Ponton

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Greetings to everyone!

The FreeStepDodge chatroom functionality has now been installed. You can find it in the top nav bar on the site labeled "Chat". From there, you will be automatically joined into the #skillDOA mIRC channel. If you hover over drop-down arrow on the "Chat" link, you can select "PopUp" to pop the chat into a separate window while allowing you to browse the site.

This is a great method to meet others currently playing Dead or Alive and arrange online matches and events.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave a post in this thread.

Thank you


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If you have your own IRC client that you would like to use, we're on #skilldoa on efnet which has a ton of different servers you can use but the main one is
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