FSD Matt Ponton is First to SS Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate

Through the Insignia client, FSD's Matt Ponton was the first person on the planet to SS the refreshed Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate leaderboard via XBOX Live on the original XBOX. Some players are making strides to beat his rank, but it only took this professional player less than two days to get the coveted SS title. Matt Ponton is no joke when it comes to the older titles of DOA and him and Rikuto are among the most dangerous men in DOA2 and DOA3 respectively.

Can you compete with his score? Watch his performance in the VOD provided and follow Ponton at Twitch for more great content. Learn more about setting up your original XBOX to LIVE at our official Insignia newspost and also read and watch the first matches to happen in DOA2: U in over a decade. We hope that everyone has had a great year and a happy Thanksgiving! I've had my fill of sparkling apple cider, turkey, ham, potatoes and of course delicious cheddar-bay biscuits!