DOA6 WC Gehaktbal Bass Bombs his way to Victory at VSF 2019

The next chapter of the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship begins and concludes this Saturday in Birmingham, England at 2am Pacific Time. You can spectate the players fight for the $5,000 cash prize and offline points from pools to the Grand Final live at the Electronic Dojo Twitch Channel. Team NINJA will also be revealing details for the Season 2 pass at this event so stay tuned for that as well.

Highlights from Pools

After two hours of technical difficulties at VSF matches for Dead or Alive 6 are finally being streamed at a theater separated from the other games at the event. Keep up with the tournament standings that you missed for pools at Smash.GG as less than 30% of the planned pool stream will air. The tournament organizers aim to recover from their mishaps by delivering a beautiful stream in the theater with commentators illustrating the hype of the incredible matches left on the bracket.

Teru Rock and Gehaktbal were extremely dominant in Pool B1, but props go to ElenaBathory and Helena for putting some serious pressure on Gehaktbal in their Top 8 qualifier match. Elena is not only good with Helena, but she's familiar with Gehaktbal and she can read and punish him consistently when most fighters can't do a thing to him. Teru Rock didn't struggle at all getting to Top 8, showing off his intense speed and combos on stream against Snow.

Like Teru Rock, Siologica traveled to the UK from Japan to compete and he has also dominated his respective pool (A1) losing one single game to EmssiOne. There was a lot of hype and hopes to see this match, and a lot of excitement behind EmssiOne, a competitive player that deserved the screen time for this fight. Ky-Dragon was able to take out @ULTIMa Ivanov another player that people have been excited to see that received a lot of cut stream time from pools.

Top 8 Highlights

:nico: Siologica vs Ky-Dragon :kasumi: :mai:

Siologica took out Ky-Dragon's Kasumi with NiCO at 'Chinese Festival' with relative ease, so Dragon made an interesting switch to Mai for game two at the same exact level. Siologica continued to take over Ky-Dragon's mistakes with insane pressure and a 25-hit combo. After getting destroyed another round, Ky-Dragon came up with some mix-ups of his own and kept NiCO close to the wall to comeback with two rounds straight. In Last Round they had a back and forth exchange until Mai wins the game with a quick throw.

At 'APO' Ky-Dragon plays a good side-step game with Mai and begins to control this level with Kasumi. Ky-Dragon whips Siologica into the wall and gets massive throw damage, and when a wounded Siologica tries to regroup, Mai leaps at her with a beautiful 66K to win the round. Siologica continues to put up good defensive despite a serious shock to his system, but he is unable to get past the pressure and environmental awareness of Ky-Dragon and loses another game.

Siologica redeems himself in the rematch at 'APO' by focusing on his defense and tricky plays. They both get impressive combos on the server walls, but it is Siologica's NiCO that stands tall after Ky-Dragon whiffs a break blow and NiCO follows up with a throw. Their last match went into last round at 'The Muscle' and Ky-Dragon won by crushing NiCO's low stance into a combo that ended the fight.

:kasumi: Teru Rock vs Gehaktbal :zack: :bass:

Teru Rock vs Gehaktbal sounds like a dream match that could go either way, but Teru Rock went straight for the kill and was all over Gehaktbal's Zack at 'Road Rage' stage with methodical jabs from Kasumi's P string and fatal stuns expertly applied into combos that become signatures for Rock. After winning three rounds straight, Rock wins three more quick rounds at 'APO' in some of the most shocking matches at the tournament.

Gehaktbal makes an interesting switch to Bass hoping to throw off Teru Rock in the match-up and it begins to work at the 'Zero Lab' stage. You would think that Bass would be a bad switch against Kasumi, but this time around he is finding his damage and his improved defense is giving him more time to think out reads and he gets a game on Teru Rock after making the adjustments with his new selection.

Teru Rock takes a moment to think about his next moves at the character screen, and considers changing to Mai but sticks it out with Kasumi going into another match at 'Road Rage.' Gehaktbal is getting more and more comfortable in this fight hitting Kasumi over and over again with the 4T to combo, sometimes landing the giant swing at the end into an environment for extra damage. In the Last Round of the match Bass pokes an oncoming Kasumi out of the way with a drop kick and finishes the game with the running clothesline throw.

The last match is at 'Lost Paradise' and Teru Rock begins to slow down as Gehaktbal begins to completely beat him down. Teru Rock makes a short-lived comeback mid-match, but Gehaktbal makes insane advance hold reads and finishes him off with all the Bass fixings; including a flying power bomb from the Champion resulting in a big win over Teru Rock.

:kula: :nico: BBoyDragon vs Ultima Ivanov :christie:

Their first match is at 'APO' and it's a wash for Christie and Ultima Ivanov as Bboy Dragon is up to no good with Kula's ice-cold shenanigans. She uses the kiss of ice to keep Christie away and follows up with chilling combos and blistering throws.

Their second match at 'Showdown' seems to give Ultima more space to compete as he adapts to Bboy's Kula. Ultima wins this match playing an excellent footsie game while delivering damage and environment combos from her 6H+K string that goes into a bound combo extension. Bboy makes a switch to NiCO, but the download is already complete for Ultima and he convincingly wins the next two matches to progress in Top 8.

:phase4: Snow vs ElenaBathory :helena:

Phase 4 and Helena fight at the top level of 'Chinese Festival' and Helena is knocked down to the bottom level after a series of exchanges from both characters. When things start getting tough, Snow backs off with Phase 4 to look for an opportunity to punish a whiffed input and this strategy proves successful for Snow in the first game against Helena's staggering pressure.

Helena corners Phase 4 in the 'Sweat' wrestling ring and looks to keep Snow backed up against the ropes with combos that end with a powerful close-hit. Elena plays a stun game with a series of slaps after winning two rounds straight, but Snow starts dishing out pressure and couples this play-style with his zoning and defensive style to snag a game Elena was very close to taking.

At 'Zero Lab' Elena 100% commits to her instincts and storms through Phase 4 with stunning combos, but by the next match Snow is able to effectively adapt picking up the pace from his last game to continue his tournament life in Top 8.

:kasumi: Teru Rock vs. Ultima Ivanov :christie:

Teru Rock is prepare for Christie, and he is a master of utilizing the fatal rush against the electric ring ropes of 'Muscle' but Ultimate Ivanov fights back splatting Kasumi against the electric ropes after a deep stun and is successful in the first bout. When the second game starts at 'Zero Lab' Teru Rock starts his zoning game after applying some pressure first and dives in and out of the fight when he needs to and wins accordingly with this tactical switch. Rock wins his second game at 'Sweat' but struggles as the wrestling ring closes him into the viper's sights.

Now that Ultima has lost a few matches he changes up his game and turns the table on Teru Rock by replicating his patient strategy and they manage to explore the complete level as they zone at the 'Lost Paradise.' Ultima is a calculated fighter and Rock struggle with him as Ultima took another win by simply waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Rock brought it back together in the rematch, but was almost jabbed to death by Christie in a last round fight.

:nico: Siologica vs Snow :kula:

Both of these fighters absolutely devastate each other with combos and close hits at 'APO.' Siologica is very careful about falling into Kula's ice kiss and wins the first game in last round. During the second game Siologica begins to succumb to the kiss and the harsh combo strings that follow it. Snow captures Siologica with well timed break blows, and Siologica captures Snow into a bound combo and finishes off with a close hit.

This match is different from what DOA players are used to because both of these characters use their elements primarily to attack. Siologica is electrocuting Kula while the "Ice Doll" attempts to freeze NiCO into place for a combo. This was not only an entertaining tango, but something completely different and refreshing even if the set went into Siologica's favor.

:kasumi: Teru Rock vs Siologica :nico:

This is a classic battle between two friends that we have seen many times throughout the DOA6 World Championship alone. NiCO vs Kasumi in a smashing set full of danger zone and environment combos, electrifying launches and close hits. Siologica dominated Rock in the first game, even preventing those famous ceiling throws from Kasumi at 'APO' Teru Rock knows how much is on the line, and he begins to play more efficiently after the first game staggers his regular approach, but is still unable to get a big win on Sio even after the last game was close and went into last round.

:nico::mai: Ky-Dragon vs Gehaktbal :zack:
Ky-Dragon and Gehaktbal have been fighting one on one for years now, and they know each other so well going from DOA5 to DOA6. Gehaktbal's impressive character knowledge with Zack has definitely carried over into the new game and these facts are proven by his: setups, combos, timing and damage. When Gehaktbal is in fight mode and sees red he's almost impossible to beat, and by the end of this set you will see why people in the community call him the comeback king even against a wildcard player like Ky-Dragon who is also known for getting himself out of insane scenarios.

:mai: :kasumi: Ky-Dragon vs Siologica :nico:

Siologica has a studious nature that transitions into his fighting style. He wants to understand what his opponent is doing and he looks for patterns that he can exploit later in a match during his zoning process. Ky-Dragon is struggling to build any type of lasting offense against Siologica, even after he switches to Kasumi he still falls short of defeating NiCO in the wrestling ring utilizing his best strategies. At 'Chinese Festival' Dragon is unable to break Siologica and he is thrown into defeat after a clutch showing prior to this set.

Grand Final

:bass: Gehaktbal vs Siologica :nico:

Gehaktbal selects Bass to go up against Siologica's NiCO starting things off at 'Showdown.' Bass destroys NiCO in this opening match with high launches, and a plethora of swings into the environments. Sio takes risks against Bass with break holds, and hopes that her speed will come through, but Bass takes it to her.

At 'Lost Paradise' NiCO continues to be on the receiving end of Bass' 33P launch and giant swing. We've never seen Siologica get flung around like this and it seems like Gehaktbal has found his weapon as Sio scrambles to make anything work with his character.

The third and last game takes place at NiCO's 'Zero Lab' with Bass doing whatever it is he wants to do with her. Siologica isn't allowed anytime to breath and he finishes off NiCO with a flurry of stuns, launches and a high flying Bass-bomb to convincingly win VSF 2019!
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