General Nyotengu changes from DOA5 to DOA6


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I'm (likely) not going to write out all of the changed frames. I will, however, go over a few buffs and nerfs she received, and how it impacts her generally. I'll begin with the nerfs:

:3::P+K: - This move was likely hit the hardest. It's no longer positive on block, making followups more dangerous. It was a phenomenal move that crushed highs, certain mids, had decent range, and could swing the momentum of the fight back in Nyo's favor on either block or hit. Having said that, it also has an amazing buff which I'll highlight later.

:9::K: - No longer tracks. While it may not seem the most significant nerf, it does impact her ability to counter SS safely. :9::K: was mediocre at best for damage in 5, but the changes to her mechanics made it insanely powerful this game. So I understand why the tracking was removed, as it would have been one of the best moves in the game.

For the most part, that's it for important nerfs. Now, for the good stuff.

Guaranteed ground throws/No longer needing Hiten - This may be one of the most significant buffs to Nyo. Considering the new way damage scales, getting a guaranteed 27 damage at the end of certain combos is quite huge. With the removal of the standard wakeup game from the last iteration, ground throws and hits become far more important now than before. This is a great benefit for any character with access to these throws.

:6::P+K::P: - Nyo now has access to the second half of her :P::P::6::P::P: string without needing the first two jabs. This. Is. Massive. Now while the final hit :3::P+K: was nerfed on block, it's even better on hit when coupled with the aforementioned ground throw change. Sometimes, you get the most damage off of shorter combos. On hit, this string allows you to fly up and connect :1::P::P::P+K: > HT :2::K: > :2::T: for insane damage, all from a short combo. It's also decent by opting for :6::P+K::P+K: to enter Hiten off the first hit, allowing for deceptive throws or a different continuation of the string on either block or hit. Oh, and the first hit tracks. You can't do much better than this string.

Hiten :2::K: - What was once a rather worthless move is now phenomenal. Before, it left little room for damaging juggles on hit, and in a juggle, it did even poorer as a finisher. Now, it does wonders in both aspects. It now provides a bound on a critical hit, allowing you to connect the juggle I mentioned earlier (:1::P::P::P+K: etc.) and rack up some sweet damage. As a finisher, it guarantees (in most cases) a grounded :2::T:. What a change from a near-worthless move into a prime tool.

Karasu (flying) sidestep and kick - By no means an incredibly significant change (well, until we find more setups for WUK shenanigans), the two new options from her :9::P: and its variants gives Nyo players more room to work with when trying to close distance or feign the throw. It will eventually give players some pause before they attack her out of it. Of note is that the SS has a very small window, so be careful, and the :K: followup is unsafe, so use it sparingly, if at all.

:6::P: - A welcome addition to this string, Nyo may now followup the first hit with a tracking kick (unsafe), or enter Hiten on hit. The kick is okay, but the transition into Hiten is what I find to be more interesting as it creates new setups.

:4::6::P+K: - Finally, a tracking mid punch! Certainly not the best move in the game, as it's unsafe as hell, but the on-hit provides a wonderful stun which may be linked into :6::P: , :P: , :K: , and :3::P:.

:6::T::T: - Perhaps a bit underwhelming compared to some other changes, additional guaranteed damage off of a punish throw is always a nice thing to have.

Removal of stagger escaping and the :2::3::6::T: of death - While it's inconsequential to most combos (most people always set opponents to max stagger in previous games to test things anyways), this opens up a prime opportunity for Nyo's :2::3::6::T: in an area with a ceiling. In the last game, there were 2 setups you would have to guess at in order to get a guaranteed BT combo off this throw. Now, there is only 1, and it's guaranteed to work on any class without an instant turn-around mechanic. This means, with proper positioning, you get the 55 damage off the throw and another 90-100 damage off the combos (I have them listed in the other thread detailing this). Even better is it may be chained into the explosive barrels for even more guaranteed damage, or used to bait a hold and reset the situation all over again. If the opponent hits -any- button aside from guard during this thinking there's a way around it, they'll take even more damage and you'll have done more than half of their entire bar for a single throw


The mechanics in this iteration of the game have certainly benefited Nyotengu. From rewarding short combos and ground throws to giving Nyo more options/utility, I think this puts Nyo in a much better spot than last game.
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I like her new karasu sidestep but sometimes when I finish it with :P::+::K: it leaves me facing backwards so I get punished it will be better if it tracks


This is frame advantage
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Did they nerf Nyotengu's Hiten 2T...?! The dummy on training recovers before she can get anything!


False alarm. Sort of. The issue mentioned above seems to apply to heavyweights but here is the scenario:

Hiten into 2K to 2T works just fine by themselves. Hiten PP, Hiten 2K, 2T also still works except on heavyweights. They recover and Nyotengu just whiffs.
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