Battle Royal Hoodless Prevents the Reset and Wins TFC17

Top 8 Bracket | Top 8 Complete Stream
1st Hoodless | 2nd Kwiggle | 3rd Hollow | 4th XcaliburBladeZ​

The Bifuteki Top 8 Stream at TFC has been nothing short of spectacular with the players trading their tournament nerves from pools for intensity and focus. Like all of the Battle Royal fights from Team NINJA, this event DOES NOT disappoint. If you missed pools, be sure to give those a viewing as well to see some surprising and satisfying outcomes to your favorite matchups.

To start these fights off we have a 5-star match with Hoodless and NEC Champion Rikuto. These are some very close fights, and we see all of the moves you would expect out of a great Bayman v. Zack matchup. Hoodless takes the set 2-1 in what could be the best opening match we've seen in our tournament history and I highly recommend a viewing of this match.

Gruff goes with Lisa in his fight against Black Moon. He has a successful match with Lisa using similar strategies we saw him use yesterday in pools with grabs, breaks, and wall-splats. Black Moon just knows how to make the right reads, adapting to Gruff for the next two games with environmental damage topped off with great combo enders.

XcaliburBladeZ takes on KP Savage in Top 8, and both players seek to overcome each other after a plethora of obstacles hit them yesterday in the pools. KP Savage is hungry, but Bladez looks to regain his footing with Alpha-152. Despite a great performance from Savage and a great switch to Bass, he loses both games to BladeZ as the RNG chose Danger Zone for the last match... one of Bladez' best-studied levels in Last Round.

Kwiggle takes Phase 4 to his next fight against Black Moon's Leifang, and Moon puts the pressure on to get an early round, with the stun game coming to play coupled with parries and BT stuns give him the first game. Going into the second fight Kwiggle switches to Christie, and with his legendary reads and combos, he wins the second fight. They take their last fight to Danger Zone that leads to another Last Round going in Kwiggle's favor despite Moon's incredible defense, force techs, and damage.

A familiar fight since the beginning of DOA5's tournament life: Bladez vs Rikuto. Bladez chooses Rachel to fight Rikuto's Leon. Rikuto plays a great stun game to win the first round, but Rachel is able to escape Leon's tech to win the second. Rachel puts on some pressure that makes it hard for Leon to hold to finish off the first game.

Rikuto stays with Leon in the second game, and Bladez takes the first round on Lorelei right away and keeps the steady pressure going into the second round. Speed seems to be the key ingredient in this heavy fight, and Rikuto starts getting damage in the second round before Bladez' Rachel gets a surprise bounce off the wall for the last juggle.

Hollow looks to take out another DOA Icon in his next fight with Hoodless, but Zack has Alpha where he wants her -- the electric rope wrestling ring where wall damage easily wins him the first and second rounds. Hollow retorts with throw damage and wall splats of his own to score a round before Hoodless wins the first game by whiffing Alpha's OH.

Hollow looks to make the proper adjustments in the second game on the lower level of Scramble, but Hoodles starts the game strong easily winning the first round and establishing pressure and mix-ups. A desperate Alpha attempts every trick in the book but is largely unsuccessful giving Hoodless more momentum for the next round. This match was quick and Hollow needs to switch things up fast.

Alpha gets an opening with the Helipad and we begin to see a shift in defensive power, Hollow getting a much-needed round win against the pressure king, but Hoodless is able to adapt with massive damaging combos, mind games and reads. Hollow is able to get two rounds, but Hoodless cooked him when other pros couldn't to get to grand finals.

Kwiggle and Bladez... our classic matchup that we are all well acquainted with at this point: Eliot vs Christie. Kwiggle now feels comfortable enough to throw in this tournament, and he starts reading the hell out of Bladez getting a quick win in the basic wrestling ring. Going into game two there are no character changes and the fight starts on the streets.

Bladez starts off more offensive in the first round before his defense is blasted through on the second and third with massive critical burst, wall and combo damage. Bladez is finished off quickly this time around to put Bladez in 4th place. Kwiggle advances to fight Hollow once more.

In their first INSANE fight, Hollow was able to overcome Kwiggle's Lisa and Rachel to move on, but will he able to handle Kwiggle's Christie? Hollow starts things off with a RUSH to put a mind game in place, he mid-parries Christie to get off the wall, but Kwiggle adapts and takes the first round. The lows help on the ancient temple because of the water, and Kwiggle being an expert knows how to get this environment damage regularly, but Hollow is STILL able to get the match into Last Round before losing a clutch match to the wall.

Next, they are fighting on the Warzone and Christie should be more steady on this level, and gets into it quick getting 2 great wins against Hollow bringing them to Scramble which also is in Kwiggle's favor. The download seems complete and Kwiggle eliminates Hollow, who pulled off some of the craziest upsets in event history.

Hoodless and Kwiggles both deserve to be in the grand finals and here they are with Hoodless in the Winner's seat. Kwiggle has been known to reset brackets for years now and he shows no fear going into this fight. Hoodless chooses Zack to combat that Christie at the War Zone.

The match heats up fast and they both get close rounds on each other with Kwiggle finishing the second with a power blow. Hoodless comes back in the third and pokes him to the ground. Kwiggle is having issues getting past his defensive so he looks for grabs and gets them before losing the first game to some great delayed strings from Hoodless.

They take the next fight to the lower level of the Jungle and things start slowing down, and Kwiggle gets backed into a wall to lose the first game. Christie uses her range combined with defense to find an opening in this fight and takes an impressive second round with 24T. Hoodless goes low to finish the round off.

Kwiggle starts to get on one, but Hoodless is just coming off way too strong even in low health. Kwiggle puts it into last round with another throw. All of the risks come into play for last round and the delayed low strings are not working for Hoodless as well and he loses another round to a throw against the wall. 1-1.

We now go to the ends of the Earth, and both are surprisingly well dressed for the occasion. Hoodless gets a needed round and starts to dissect Kwiggle who is putting up Mayweather defense. Kwiggle is downloaded this match and Hoodless quickly takes this game out of nowhere.

Kwiggle sticks with Christie in the third game, but continues to struggle with reading Hoodles at the circus, but surprisingly sidesteps the wall and gets a round on Hoodless. The experience of both fighters begins to shine brightly and the rounds are so close. Hoodless does whatever he has to do to get this next round with low punishes, sweeps and mix-ups, trying to keep Christie away from the wall.

This strategy works for Hoodless, and he is on fire and defeats Kwiggle in a great fight! Congrats, Hoodless for not only preventing a reset but for showing dominant fighting presence the entire tournament. Hoodless concludes the TFC 2017 Battle Royal.
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