Hot DOA Guy/Gal Discussion thread.

Pocky Yoshi

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Greetings. For those who don't know me, I am KokoYoshi from I've made this thread because I wanted to get acquainted with FreeStepDodge. Discuss, hate, love, and vice versa about the character(s) you got the hots for. Only thing I ask is try not to let get too out of control since I wouldn't want to give mods a headache.

So to start things off, I currently have the hots for every character bar Christie(don't hate her, just not my type.) However, my personal favorite is Kokoro hence the Koko part of my name. Yoshi is just short for Soul Calibur main Yoshimitsu. So as you can see, I main two characters from different games.

Anyways, as my lovely Kokoro says:

Have fun!

Pocky Yoshi

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The one of Gayman jacking off Hayate is gonna bring Rikuto down on this thread hard.
I hope I didn't trigger any landmines. I'm not one for gay things, but it was just bad joke for those who aren't into say letting their fangasms go wild. Some like to joke about and say they like to be homo, which is why I thought of keeping an open mind. Of course, if it offends anyone which isn't my intent, I'm all for removing that Hayate and Bayman pic and comment. Just say the word. sincerest apologies