Characters How did everyone come up with their mains?

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Alpha's just Alpha! Most say: "I hate this character, so I'll learn them!" No. When I started, I headed to tag survival (solo in Vanilla was stupid). The GT reflected the team I used (Alpha and Helena) Alpha with the speed and Helena to slow things down mixing up. (Did this in 4 with Christie/Kasumi, Christie/Helena) It was trying to find a balance. What's ironic, is that they play the same way; I was able to take some things from each and incorporate my playstyle onto both. (Helena for me, made Alpha slow down and mixup and get a low game. OTOH, Helena got patience, poking, throwing, string delays from Alpha) They compliment each other, at least to me.

Btw, I didn't down-size the "H" when deciding to make the portmanteau, but I see how that causes problems (ie: Mispronounciation/Dropping a letter when typing it). IOW, they are two separate characters, but a team as well. And well, it's clever! (Other users have names like this, too)

EDIT: I had my issues in 4 with her, too, but they made me appreciate the character - despite how easily she can be destroyed now! I've been using her since Vanilla and won't stop! XD
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Honestly, I just love the way that Christie moves/twists/contorts her body when she is fighting. The fact that she is doing that shit in what appears to be 3in heels makes it even more interesting(try to box/do karate forms in boots with a 1.5/2in heel to understand why).


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Moment I first saw Leon hurl jann Lee out the tower through a neon sign, then tackle and pound his face into the pavement, I knew I had my main..

When I saw Mila had inherited the tackle from the now absent Leon, combined with her short two tone hair and c2, both of which I find incredibly hot, I knew I had my new main when 5 launched.
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When I got DOA 5 i was bouncing from character to character and realized that I couldn't buy a win with Lei (well i was a noob and sucked with everyone, but with Lei especially). So I ended up just sticking with her anyway, hitting the lab, playing stronger people and eventually really grew to love her play style and before i knew it she was my main.
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