How would you rate the roster at the moment?


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Going off the title, I would rate it 8/10, all the core characters who have a more relevant plot to the game are in so that's a good start. The new characters are somewhat uninspired besides Nico and there's only two new fighters so that slightly dwindled it, but gameplay wise they look fun and appealing so they win there xD

It's not a perfect 10 but mainly because not everyone's mains could make it, I would rate it 8/10 overall. but obviously anyone who's mains aren't in like Rachel and Momiji will give it a lower rating although they'll be DLC in the future anyway so it's not really much of a loss unless you use Alpha or Gen Fu or Leon who likely won't return at all

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I’d say 8/10 because I think every character is unique and belongs there besides Raidou.

My only substantial complaint is there should be more diversity going forward with race and age. It’s weird to have a roster this big and only have three dark skinned characters. Give me people from Africa, South America, India, Malaysia, etc. What about a First Nation character? The world’s full of lots of people.

Also I know Japanese culture can be weird about age, but what about a woman who’s old, middle aged, or even just in her 30s?

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it's not a specific culture thing to prefer youth. most men go for younger companions and most women wish to be young again or do everything in their power to appear young. in any case, if they do an "old" character they should go all the way and make them 50 years old, minimum. none of this dumb christmas cake/mom bait tyvm

as for the roster, 7/10. i miss leon and the better tengu, i don't feel too strongly about either new characters, and locking characters behind preorder shenanigans is plain dumb
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I also miss Bankotsubo. Rachel and Momiji aren't in yet. Leon playstyle will definitely be missed... I don't think Ein will be, but I enjoyed using the character and know others that did too.

Alpha 152. That situation makes me sad, but I saw it coming way before DOA 6 was announced.

I would rate the roster a solid 8. Wish there was one more new character.

After I get over dismissed characters maybe it will be an 8.5 or 9 just because of how good the game feels to me.
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It doesn’t seem like fighting games these days do this anymore, but what if DOA6 has an unlockable secret character like they used to? Like a new boss character or something.
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0/10 needs more of THE STRRRONGEST MAN to get the 10

jk, I rate it 8/10. As always, TN did a good job with bringing most of the cast, thing that you can't say about lots of other fighters as the devs always seem to prefer to replace oldies with newbies. I still hope they bring back Leon and Momiji tho, but especially Leon.

And I also want a new character. A young male, similar to my KOF baby, Shingo. Thx.


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Honestly I think fighting games should have like 4 new characters at launch. I understand why whats done was done but I don't even think Raido, Eliot, or phase 4 look appealing. There could be more characters eventually to satisfy me though, look at DBFZ, seemed like it would be cheesy cast choices forever but now we have Videl which is what I wanted, and the x files alien which people seem to like.
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All important characters are back
Nyotengu and Phase 4 as DLC (since they're part of the story, it's a con)
Diego is a latino Rig, NiCO is a geeky Marie in terms of diversity
Honoka/Marie/NiCO is too much cuteness for me IMO... All females are under 26, with most being 18-20. They should have retconned the ages of Tina, Christie and Helena to make them much older IMO.
Bringing back Raidou


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7/10 seems pretty fair. They lose a point for Nico being kind of "eh" and Diego being pretty "bleh". Lose another for bringing back existing characters as Day 1 DLC, and a final point for not trying anything groundbreaking or greatly expanding the roster.
pretty much this... id even go as far as to say 6/10 just for how uninspired the new characters are. At least Mila and Rig feel like they're bringing something new to DOA. Nico brought me blue anime hair and barely recognizable Pencak, and Diego is just ur token street brawler.... like really?

im still annoyed even tho i might even end up using one of them lol...


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I would rate it 6.5/10; -1 for Rachel and Momiji's absence, -1 for Diego having such an uncreative design, -1 for NiCO's strange design and another -1 for Marie and Honoka's continued existence.

I give a +0.5 since Tina didn't get cut (unlike how she didnt make DOAX3 :(:mad:)

10/10 original DOA participants
But Gen Fu isn't in. Or by original, do you mean no guests?
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All the great original characters and no unnecessary characters like Ein,GenFu and Alpha , Diego looks great , Nico could have been a bit better design wise but still not bad.

I dont really care about Rachael and Momiji but I hope they put Leon as DLC later
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