Hurricane Pack I & II installer for Xbox

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The Xbox Live servers for the original Xbox are gone forever, however anyone who still wants the DLC for vanilla Ninja Gaiden can still acquire it. With the link below, you can download an installer that will add Hurricane Pack: Volume I and Hurricane Pack: Volume II to your Xbox's hard drive. I did not make this installer, so credit goes to the original creators.

Unfortunately, these packs require you to be signed into Xbox Live to start them. So you'll need to somehow find a save file of them and resign it to your Xbox.

This is for use on the original Xbox, not an Xbox 360.

EDIT: I've taken down my upload. There are other uploads of this around though, so if anyone still wants it, just search for it.
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Someone over at Ninja Archives got it to work.

Frolsa84 said:
Hey guys, just registered to say that this DLC installer does indeed work (as well as other DLC installers/patches for the the original Xbox, try the digiex forum for more installers). However (a big caveat)... Saves from both Hurricane Pack 1 & 2 are required to play them, as Hurricane packs cannot be started now that Xbox live for classic Xbox is defunct (just to dispel a myth in this thread, you absolutely cannot start Hurricane Pack 1 without the save). Also, yes, a (soft)modded Xbox is required, because EEprom.bin file is required (an HDD key unique to every Xbox) and a way to use FTP to transfer files onto the Xbox (for example, using FileZilla).

How would this work?

You would need to:

1) Play Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox to create a folder numbered "54430003" in UDATA/TDATA folders on E: partition ( - here's a database of UDATA/TDATA folders for most of the games)
2) FTP the DLC installer over to the Xbox and run it, install both DLCs (they're about 80-120mb in size, I forget now) and the title update
3) Get the saves (preferably from the first save point in both Hurricane pack 1 & 2)
4) Download, FTP and run "ConfigMagic 1.6" on Xbox, backup the EEprom.bin (and only backup, don't fiddle with other settings, especially NOT the lock/unlock options, very important)
5) FTP the EEprom.bin backup and other files over to the PC, open EEPROMBackup.TXT, and find the HDD key (it's a 32 character key, for example mine is XBOX HDD KEY = A327A3294C2E6D6DCC2165039D9D03DF and this is UNIQUE to my Xbox and my Xbox alone, you cannot use it, incidentally I have two modded Xbox consoles and the other HDD key is XboxHDKey = 9019DDE482BAB31931992E98A26706C9)
6) Download xsavsig005 and add the following lines to the "resign.ini" file

Title=Ninja Gaiden Save File

Title=Ninja Gaiden System File

7) Open the xbhddkey.ini file and edit the line:
Replace the zeroes with your HDDkey. It should have the same number of characters (32)
8) Run the XSigSig.exe program
9) Type "AGREE" (in all caps) and hit return
10) In the Sign section, select "Ninja Gaiden Save File"
11) In the File section, press the "..." button and select the save file (save00x.dat) and press the "Open" button
12) Press the "Apply" button. This will fix the key
13) Press the "OK" button
14) Do this for each save game
15) Now FTP the saves onto your Xbox in the UDATA folder numbered "54430003" (TDATA folder is mostly reserved for DLCs and titles updates)

I've already done this with 6 regular saves, so the method works. I'm not 100% positive it'll work on Hurricane Pack 1 & 2 saves.

I've found someone on YouTube who has both saves, but alas, he doesn't have a modded Xbox so he can transfer these files (it's required). I've also found someone on GameFAQs and I'm waiting for a reply now, but I doubt he has an Xbox that's modded. I've posted on a couple of different forums all in the hopes of finding them.

So, yeah, I've mostly figured out a way to play these DLCs, I just need the save files now.
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