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Cool stuff, I honestly never knew you can land FSK after launching with 6K on higher threshold. I thought the launch from 6K was not that high but guess I was wrong lol.

Ah, by the way, the sitdown combo (:2::P+K:) into the CB kick (:6::6::H+K:) isn't a guaranteed setup because people have to option to stagger escape it. It's a pretty easy stagger too I think. It's better to launch with :3::3::P: from :2::P+K:. 33P isn't guaranteed either, but it's a lot harder to stagger out of the launching mid punch because it's quicker than 66H+K.

Here are some other bits that you could probably use to find even more stuff probably. (All of this is guaranteed too):

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Hi Bomb, it was a very long time, I'm remember the first time we met up. It was 5 years ago in 2013 on PS3. I'm LAM-KAZAMA btw :) Hum, in my video I show all combos after different Launchers. I'm stunning randomly my opponent ^^ Are you still playing DOA? Btw I'm on ps3, don't have a ps4 coz I stopped games... Community's too trash for me ;p
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