DOA6 Jager Wins Reversal to Begin Tournament Streak

This year Dead or Alive 6 is a featured game at Reversal in Philadelphia and Top 4 is being streamed for this minor, but intimate offline event. Jager returned after last week's Winter Brawl to put on another proven Rig showcase that ultimately won him the grand final against FSD's own, Matt Ponton. This short & sweet tournament featured high quality matches that are definitely worth your time to observe. Now that Reversal has concluded the complete Top 4 VOD is available at NerdStGamers Twitch channel!

Top 4 Highlights

:mai: :bass: Matt Ponton vs Jager :phase4:

Jager has a very solid Phase 4 with excellent fundamentals and a great pocket character if he wants to withdrawal from using Rig. Matt Ponton hits like a truck with both Mai & Bass, but he struggles to read everything against this tantalizing Kasumi clone. Ponton was able to defeat Jager in one of these FT3 sets because he took charge with the pressure Mai can exude, specifically with her 66K.

Ponton was also doing a stellar job of reading Jager's break holds, and he followed up his correct reads with punishing & explosive throws. Jager was able to adapt, and with a speed advantage he methodically picked Mai apart until Ponton made his character change to Bass. He pulled off some amazing throws with Bass and shows why he's one of the best with this heavy, but he had a distinct disadvantage to Phase 4's speed, bounds and launch throws. These particular strategies safely secured Jager's Grand Final placing.

:ayane: Replica vs The X Button :tina:

The X Button has a wild Tina at his disposal, but Replica is favored in this matchup not just because of experience, but because of Ayane's ability to destroy her opponents at mid-range. Tina is at her best in mid-range as well, but she can not keep up with the speed or confusion tactics of a well-trained Ayane player. The X Button tries his heart out - nailing Ayane with a bevy of throws & offensive holds, but Replica's knowledge of the triangle system overpowers The X Button for a dominant win.

:mai: :bass: Matt Ponton vs Replica :ayane:

This exciting and consistent set was one of the best matches at the event featuring two players that are even with completely different characters. Matt Ponton played impeccably, and made brilliant character switches between Bass & Mai. Ponton implemented a wide range of different strategies in his face off with Replica and focused on scouting Ayane's reactions and patterns. He punished Ayane with pokes, jabs and explosive throw punishes from his tactful Mai.

When Replica adapted to this strategy he nailed Ponton with abusive bound followups that caused Ponton to shift more towards his Bass-play. Replica's defensive strategy worked for most of this set, but he couldn't out-crush Bass, and Ponton's patient strategy worked as he destroyed Ayane with a massacre of Bass-Bombs and throws.

These two players have great match chemistry and the FT3 brought some fire out of Matt that we haven't seen for a while.

Grand Final

:rig: Jager vs Matt Ponton :mai: :bass:

Jager witnessed Matt Ponton build up momentum with his match against Replica and he knew that he must crush it with haste if he had any hope of getting the win, and this is exactly what he did with their first match on 'Throw-Down.' Rig's obscene range, pokes & speed is the cause for many tournament losses in this scene, and Rig quickly breaks Mai to start a convincing lead in this set.

Ponton knows that Mai is the better character in Dead or Alive 6, but he also has the most seasoned Bass in the offline scene - if not the best of all time despite his placing on the tier charts. He breaks through Rig's pressure and inferior strength to get a win on the board against Jager. After Ponton's first win Jager begins to put on a show at 'Road Rage' and in the open space Bass doesn't stand a chance. Winner of Reversal: Jager

While this was not the biggest tournament the community has ever seen the players made it worth your time with exciting sets and for the first time no Kasumi to be found! Stay tuned at FSD for more tournament reports next month and more Team NINJA news!
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Cool, just tuned in. Missed X Button's Tina. I had no idea this was coming... might be cool to see a calander or something on the site for upcoming events to keep track of, so less people might miss stuff like this and actually check it out.

Damn the 46K into combos work there @Matt Ponton , damn I need to take Mai into training again soon. People tend to question switching up characters like that but I think there can be a psychological advantage to it.

Jager's Rig is truly freaky, talking about psychological with that blender of kicks... O_O Good on you for getting a match on him.
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Yeah I see what you are saying. People can schedule in the match-making portion of the forum. We usually have promotional materials before-hand, but with this event I was taken by surprise myself and didn't know about it until a few days ago.

Not many entrants for this minor, but people showed up, had a good time & had some great matches.

I'm going to come out and say it:

Replica vs Ponton was the best match to spectate. Lots of great strategies implemented by both. Replica's defensive play was shockingly effective and super hype.

We have a lot of great things planned for Final Round next month, so stay tuned @inochinagi - hope you are enjoying the content!
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Yeah, definitely glad I tuned in when I did, right in time for Replica vs Ponton. Many hype moments. And Jager's reign of kicking terror aught to be a major story in the community right now, no? He's just mowing down everyone he comes up to. I'd watch just to see if someone will finally take him down, so of course I was rooting for Matt, lol.

Oh yeah, there's the match-making section. Still, might be cool to see something more accessable and easy to see on the front page or something.
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True, there's Hoodless. I only just started watching tournies again, yet I still know he's been a big winner lately too. I should go back and watch more stuff from a few months ago. Have they faced eachother yet? Or is Jager gonna get to 4 first before they seek eachother out? lol
Cool, just tuned in. Missed X Button's Tina. I had no idea this was coming... might be cool to see a calander or something on the site for upcoming events to keep track of, so less people might miss stuff like this and actually check it out.

We had a calendar system but sadly Google changed some of its policies which rendered the feature useless.
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