Japan’s number 1 Mai Shiranui gameplay thread.


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Oh finally someone made a Mai thread!^.^ These are the changes I've noted so far from the trailer:

-214P doesn't cause a launch on counter hit anymore, it looks like it causes that new spin stun since Kasumi wasn't launched when she tried to 2P. Seems like a nerf.

-She looks like she can jump cancel into 9P from 3P+K now, this probably also means she can jump cancel from other attacks as well! This is good since 3P+K wasn't all that in DOA5LR as a counter hit launcher and it being unsafe.

-Her 9P jump stance looks like it has a bound ender from 9PK now, probably as 9PKP unless they replaced the 9PKP+K one

-She can jump cancel from her 3P as well now which means it'll be scarier to deal with since she has low, ryuenbu with that spin stun and her shinobi hibachi flip attack to watch out for

-She has a new close hit attack, it'll likely be something like 66H+K or 33K since she'll still have to have her 236K attack.

-Her 9PKP+K looks like it'll have a new on hit animation as seen in the trailer with the pose as the opponent is face down.

-Her break blow is basically her old PB from DOA5 so 4P+K is likely removed unless they replaced the attack with something else.

Overall I think a big thing for her now is that she can jump cancel into 9P from certain attacks like how she can cancel into 236P, 214P, and 214P+K and 236K from certain attacks as well, so she'll likely be way more annoying xD


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To see her KOF XIV Climax move (Shiranui-Ryuu Ougi) was surprising, since they kept her signature special move Chou Hisatsu Shinobi Bachi as her Break Blow. I assume, then, that her Climax in KOF XIV is an air grab in DOA6. Maybe something similar to Hayabusa's Izuna Drop, what is really cool in my opinion.

I wonder how much they changed her gameplay compared to DOA5LR... If SNK wanted a more KOF XIV flavour, that could mean a lot of changes in her moves and combos. We will see.

As far I can tell, the new things we can see in her trailer are:
-she got her Kof XIV Climax move and it is used by canceling her air dive Musasabi no Mai into it, what means a full air string.
-she can cancel now 3P+K into her jump 9P (I see Nyotengu style here)
-she gained a new air move, Ukihane (knee drops. So, more tools in air again... and Ukihane ends with a Ground Bounce)
-Hakuro no Mai (her HP Hold) is now integrated in her Fatal Rush animation. I wonder if she will have a new HP Hold or it will be Hakuro no Mai aswell even if it looks too similar to her FR.
-New close hit. This one is quite surprising since this is a very rare move Mai only had in two games (KOF MI2 and FF Wild Ambition). It is a tribute to her boyfriend's signature move, Kuuha Dan.

(Side note: I'm going to miss Mai's cliffhangers, they were just so great. I wish they were added somehow to her movelist but I guess they won't.)
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Here's some things I've noted from the stream:

-214P doesn't knock down anymore
- Her old 66K looks like it was taken out since its now her close hit attack. That's such a waste since it was a good move -_-

- She now has a 7K attack which looks similar to say Christie's 7K and Momijis

- Her 66T is a launch throw now, BUFFFFF!

- She cancels in her jump from 3P+K with P from what I see, seems pretty easy!

I'm just disapointed mainly they took out her 66K from DOA5LR since it crushed alot of stuff >.> and I was so mad they turned frame data off xD


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Found some more stuff in regards to Mai:


Her PPK isn't the string with the high kick 8K ender anymore, they changed it to a mid kick which I think is supposed to be 3K. And her 7+K power launcher and her 4P+K from LR apparently are completely gone. And her upper high hold is changed too

And it's not really gameplay related but her and Kula do have quests in the game I guess you can use to unlock titles xD


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They definitely toned her down a bit from what I see... Her 8P doesn't stun on normal hit anymore and 1KK and it's variants lead to a lift stun instead of a crumple. Her fan now leaves her at a general advantage and her new jump transition from 3P+K is an on hit type thing. 8H+K is her FSDS now so that's unsafe now and her 6H+K is semi safe and her ryu enbu moves are unsafe now too and her P+K from her forward jump is unsafe as well xD

Her 3PK and the 236K are now safe too which makes sense since it can be ducked and her bound combo ender is safe at -3 on block and has good reach so I guess it's a compensation for her lack of her old 66KK. And she also has a tracking 4H+K mid kick. Overall I think she's like in DOA5LR but they made her more unsafe so she's not as easy to mash with and she'll probably have to commit more and take more risks with how the stun game is toned down.


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Mai's 66K is a meaty. The block advantage differs depending on the range it is used on. At worst (point blank range) the move is -4 on block but if you space it perfectly and connect the kick at the largest amount of distance possible it becomes +2 on block.
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