DOA6 WC Keisuke Wins ASIA Online Tournament | Season Announcements

Team NINJA will conclude their online tournament series via their official Twitch channel for the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship this Saturday at 5am EST with new information pertaining to DOA6 right after grand finals. This is Team NINJA's second largest online tournament behind NA East at 80+ entrants and the winner will receive 300 qualifying points for the ASIA leader-board. You can view results for the tournament here at FSD and you are also encouraged to follow the standings page at Smash.GG for a general attendance overview and live bracket.

If you peruse the ASIA leader-board you will discover that Siologica is currently winning the chase to Tokyo, Japan basically confirming his appearance with over 800 points. Players like Air-Gear and many more are seeking to balance out the playing field with a huge point prize up for grabs for this online event. Like all of the other online tournaments this could wind up being anyone's game as the net-code wired or not will balance out the skill that you are used to seeing at offline events, but it's nice that TN offers opportunities for every fighter to participate in their championship circuit.

Nobody knows what will be announced after Top 8 concludes, but some speculate that it could be related to the DOA6WC or Dead or Alive Festival that is Team NINJA's yearly convention for the series in Japan. TN has worked very hard at making sure that DOA6 is a successful offline competitive title so frequent updates on their circuit and for other offline events are of top priority to keeping DOA6 alive. Despite all of this it could be related to the game content as well.

Artists are hoping that the announcement would relate to the yearly Halloween pack so they can contribute to the game with their creativity, but since it's almost October one would assume that fitting in the costume art contest would be too tight of a deadline. Maybe Team NINJA will reuse past winning costumes in a flashback pack, but like Dead or Alive 5 year one, chances are there will be no Halloween outfits this year. This is a shame because this annual contest is fun and sported some of the absolute best designs.

More than likely we will get a Season 3 pass announcement since Season 2 concluded last week with the release of: Momiji, Ninja Morphing Costumes and Version 1.11. Hopefully the NINJA GAIDEN Anniversary will continue with more NINJA GAIDEN content implemented in the DOA universe, but what are you hoping to see from these expensive season passes? Follow us here at FSD for everything DOA all in one place!

Online Tournament Reports: NA EAST (Hoodless), EU EAST (DevilNeron), NA WEST (Kwiggle), EU West (Comic-Ari)

Top 8 Highlights

:bradwong: Chenbouuu vs Siologica :tina:
Siologica has been considering Dead or Alive 6 Tina for a while now, and whether or not it has to do with her being considered one of the strongest characters is irrelevant as he is able to produce results with her. Chenbouuu has a few tricks up his sleeve, but it's hard for him to contend with Siologica's game knowledge and experience at competitions. Tina lands suplex after suplex for your enjoyment, and it's not hard to tell that Siologica is strategically preparing to see this character again at the main event in Tokyo, Japan. Winner: Siologica

:hayabusa: Keisuke vs AKA :La Mariposa:

Keisuke had his hands full with AKA as his La Mariposa was always ready to crush, throw holds and repeat. AKA has proven himself with his performance here and his awareness was impressive all around whether it be properly traversing the stage or keeping Keisuke where he wanted him. Keisuke won by keeping composed after taking beating after beating and following up his self-control with powerful Izuna Drops. Winner: Keisuke

:kasumi: Teru Rock vs Musenwara :kula:

Teru Rock has just been coming at the other fighters hard with Kasumi-play that is like none other in the scene, and that's saying a lot considering how many people are playing as the 'runaway ninja' as of 1.11. Musenwara has a great Kula Diamond with a solid defensive strategy, but Rock has a very successful pressure game and he operates purely on that in this set. Winner: Teru Rock

:tina::nico: Siologica vs Rainbow Yuta :La Mariposa: :kula::bass:

Siologica throws Rainbow Yuta's La Mariposa all over the 'A.P.O' and he ends the first match with two crucifix power-bombs consecutively. Out of fear, Rainbow Yuta switches to Kula Diamond in hopes to counter Tina, but the second match ends with a similar result; even at the 'A.P.O' zoning stage once more. Rainbow makes one more character switch attempt to Ninja Bass, surprisingly, and we see instant success with his switch forcing Siologica to go back to his main NiCO for the fourth game.

Ninja Bass is ready for the next battle at 'Road Rage' but NiCO takes him for a ride with a nice car-chain combo. After the first round, Bass begins to take control once more with proper spacing and great decision making between launchers, throws, and holds to win two matches on Sio in a row! Siologica takes off the gloves, switches back to Tina to smash it out with Bass at 'Muscle' and Rainbow Yuta is knocked out for good with a crucifix power-bomb on the electric ropes that could have lit Bass on fire until inevitably exploding. Winner: Siologica

:kasumi: Teru Rock vs Siologica :tina:

This set is an interesting match-up because both characters are among the strongest for different reasons: Tina has 50 percent throws and Kasumi is one of the fastest characters in the game with a ton of options to confuse her opponent while stringing along plenty of damage in the process. Sio and Teru have been fighting each other the entire span of DOA6WC so they know each other well in DOA6 already, even without Sio's typical NiCO selection. These two fight to last round, and Teru Rock wins strongly against Sio, proving how hungry he is for the main event. Winner: Teru Rock

:kasumi: Teru Rock vs AKA :La Mariposa:
Through most of their matches, AKA was playing as defensively as he could against Kasumi, and he can complete Deja Vu and do pretty much anything with Lisa, but he was completely overwhelmed by Rock's patience between deep stuns. If AKA was given a chance to breathe from Rock's less safe inputs he could put in some serious damage on Teru Rock, but it wasn't often that Rock made a mistake. By the third game AKA had been completely downloaded, but with a little more practice he could come back with one of the best La Mariposa the community has seen. Winner: Teru Rock

Grand Final

:hayabusa: Keisuke vs Teru Rock :kasumi:
Keisuke and Teru Rock have both put on performance after performance since the beginning of the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship and these 300 points mean a lot to their advancement in the circuit and you can see it in their combat. They start off their grand final at 'Lost Paradise' and it goes to last round before they start a long distance zoning-game proving my precursor true. Keisuke takes all three games with a safe and efficient combo selections not to mention he wins a lot of his matches being gracious with his damage while not abusing one particular Hayabusa skill set. Winner of ASIA Online Tournament: Keisuke

'Dead or Alive Festival' is coming back 11.23.19 and will focus exclusively on the Dead or Alive franchise (including Venus Vacation). This will also be where World Championship Finals for Dead or Alive 6 takes place. Do you have enough points to compete? With only four tournaments left in the circuit it will not be long before all qualified players are invited to the DOA main event!

The design contest is also coming back this October and winners will be announced at DOA Fest in November. Look forward to more information on the contest as translations and more news from Team NINJA come in this weekend and the upcoming week.

The Season 3 Pass was announced and looks to be very similar to Season 2 in terms of effort and quality according to community member @Dionysus

So we have three sets of 'republished' DLC from LR starting with bunny girls, separate from the season pass. Everything is 16 costumes but for the final set of republished DLC.
This season will also feature one more character that is rumored to be Rachel as part of the NINJA GAIDEN 15th Anniversary. As translations come in we will keep you updated here at FSD with the latest info that all seems to be converged with the 'Dead or Alive Festival' coming this November!

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I don't discourage online play (actually I do), but this is one reason to not like online tournaments:

- Players complaining about PING because it's online and they don't have much of a choice if they want to win in some cases

- Player was DQ'ed for having bad Internet

- This creates a one hour delay to the fucking stream

Might can the written report for this one and just edit it the post with results IDK.
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