Koei Tecmo Donates 100 Million Yen to Yokohama

Koei Tecmo recently came out on social media with a press release stating that the company would be donating 100 million Yen to Yokohama city in Japan to provide medical support amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With everything going on in the world this year it's both positive & refreshing to see generosity and humanity take the forefront for a change. Koei Tecmo's first step is to provide 6,000 high performance masks.

Official Tweet
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That's nice of them to do! They definitely have money to spare so I think that was generous of them even tho people will still likely look past that xD
How thoughtful of them.

now we need them to be generous when it comes to DOA and give us content worth paying for.
Well that's cool. Maybe next time we can have an event on locals where half the money is spent to a good cause. I m sure we can attract more people to the doa scene cause of it.
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