DOA6 WC Kwiggle Wins Online NA West Tournament Tops Point Leader Board

Kwiggle secured 300 points for his point leader board total by defeating Crazy Steady in Grand Finals for the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship NA West online tournament. The official site point leader board has not been updated yet, but this hard-earned victory has bumped Kwiggle to the top of the NA chart with a current total of 460 points! You can watch the entirety of the stream and all other DOA6WC tournaments complete with commentary and active leader boards via Team NINJA's official YouTube channel.

Grand Final

:christie: :mai: Kwiggle vs. Crazy Steady :nico:

It was nice to see players in Top 8 that we haven't seen in a while return to the scene in someway, but for this event Crazy Steady and Kwiggle stole the show with their character performances plus back and forth action. Kwiggle started things off with Christie and while he has one of the best around, Crazy Steady has always been fully capable at being patient enough to quickly figure out a strategy around the cobra assassin.

After Christie wasn't enough to get a win Kwiggle made the switch to Mai, and he really started to find his form in the NiCO match-up. NiCO was walloping Mai with those intense and electrifying close hits, but the brutal pounding fueled Kwiggle to find a way out of it. His zoning really came into play at the beginning of their match at A.P.O. and this is where mind games started to come into play against Crazy Steady.

Kwiggle was punished for his mistakes, but he had Steady well-read and was setting him up with pokes, jabs and followed up with extremely impressive combos; showing the whole world that Mai is not to be trifled with. Kwiggle was fluttering like a butterfly and sported a type of evasiveness that only he could posses.

Mai is a fun character that requires training to use successfully, but most of the time Kwiggle used her effortlessly and anytime he took serious damage from Crazy's NiCO he concealed it and moved on with his game-plan. Tournament nerves are a big deal whether or not you are a good player, and as far as I know, Kwiggle has never had them.

His patient style got the best of Crazy Steady this time, and this also marks Mai Shiranui's first tournament win. Maybe we will see her win her first offline tournament this weekend at BigE Gaming's Summer Jam! Congrats go to Kwiggle for winning some sweaty sets, but the ultimate test will be at the DOA6WC Finals in Tokyo, Japan this November!

Are you going to be there?
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