DOA5LR La Mariposa's Back-Turn Birthday Bash !!!

So I want to permanently dump Tina and main La Mariposa because I believe she has a better set of tools and advantages. But I've had some trouble keeping track of which way shes facing and I get all confused and use all the wrong moves. So I figured writing down notes would help.

This thread only covers moves that are guaranteed to turn Lisa around or leave her Back Turned when shes already Back Turned, not the moves that can be can be canceled into a Back Turn State...that would be in the Back Turn Cancel Guide.....and I won't be getting into Frame Data, this is just to help me get past the confusion.
So lets get this Party Started.

Turning Around.
Heres the moves that turn Lisa around and all the strings associated with those moves.
About Face :8::P:. This is pretty much Lisa's fastest way of turning around when she isn't doing anything else... I wonder if its 5 Frames.

1.Turn Flip :9::P:. Despite what it may look like, she isn't actually jumping when she Turn Flips so theoretically speaking it might be possible to grab her in the middle of her flip, which raises the question of why would anyone use the Turn Flip within Grabbing Distance :confused:..... better save this one for medium distance.

2.Vuelta SS :p+k:. Appearantly you can turn around after this move.... anybody got some ideas about how to use it ?

3.Rope Walk :8::p+k: Next To Ropes (Parallel). Okay this doesn't actually turn Lisa Around, it just doesn't auto turn her Forward after she walks past the opponent.... allowing you to land in a BT State. You must be parallel to the ropes in order to perform the Rope Walk. Stages that have Ropes are Maxwell's Gym (Sweat), Fighting Entertainment and Dead or Alive. The move details classified the Rope Walk as Jumping, think she can be grabbed while shes up there ? I don't think so.

4.La Quebrada Buena Feint :9::P::p+k::h:. Nothing special about this one, just use it to mix up the real La Quebrada Buena Doble.... from a distance ofcourse.

5.Turn Flip Kangaroo Kick :9::P::K:. Its actually called the Double Leg Thrust, I honestly don't get why this kick gets a different name when you do it backwards. Its a guard break move that creates lots of space. It seems like this move crushes both High and Low Stikes... in that order, she crouches first then she jumps over lows, I'm assuming she can still evade highs while still jumping some how.

6.Spinning Elbow :1::P::P:. Now this move is awesome, albeit predictable if used incorrectly. Its her spinning elbow and she crouches during the first half of this one two Elbow combo.

7.Shin Cracker :6::6::P::K:. This is another one of those moves that has a different name when perform using a different command (BT 2K). Anyway the kick is awesome for mix ups.... However, the first punch is high so people can beat both options just by crouch guarding... luckily there's a Limbo stun if you use the punch variation of this move

8.Back Flip Kick :1::K::K::K:. This one is of those awkward moves, the 2nd kick always gives a Falling Crumple stun, but the third kick won't reach intime to capitalise on it, stopping at the second kick leaves you out of range or time to catch them before the fall, it does cause a guard break on block though, assuming you don't get interupted during the eternity between the 2nd and 3rd Kick.... theres an Elbow variation of this string that will connect if performed quickly.

9.Swing Elbow :6::P::4::P:. This this is actually a partial move, other than that its pretty standard, it hits mid first then the second hit turns Lisa around.

10.*Around The World/Rainbow Crush ? :9::K:. This awesome two footed stomp doesn't actually have a name, got any ideas ? Anyway, it crushes low attacks and gives a Sit Down Stun on Counter Hit, guaranteeing all kinds of junk. :)

11.Leap Frog :6::4::H+P:. Lisa's other Advantage throw, its slower than her Hammer Advantage Throw but it leaves both Lisa and the Opponent BT. the Purpose of this move is pretty obvious, its to make sure the Booty Bump does not get held, it probably has other uses to.​


Staying Back Turned.
Here are Lisa's moves she can use when shes back turned that don't make her front turned after using them.

1.Nalgada Tèchnica :4::p+k: -11 on hold. This booty bump is Lisa's Fastest Mid, and that includes attacks from her FT Stance, and it has no hold animation..... you just can't Grab That Ass :oops:.....theres just one catch, its classified as both a mid Punch and Mid Kick so that kind of nerfs its mix up Potential especially when you factor in that Lisa has no BT mid Kick....

2.:K: This is the exact same high kick from her Front Turned Stance and its strings contain the The Back Flip Kick, The Swing Elbow, The Rainbow Crush and The Kangaroo Kick that will all leave you Back Turned. Pretty awesome huh... ;)

3.Cartwheel Kick :7::K:. This high spinning kick is a launcher with a Ludicrously high Launch Height, unfortunately it seems to have a long recovery so you don't think you hit the Jackpot just just yet.

4.Shin Cracker II :2::K:. This move is actually called the Leg Break, but its the same low kick from the Shin Cracker string so I'l just call it Shin Cracker the 2nd. Its nice to have access to a low kick when you're BT, it makes for great mix ups.

5.Kangaroo Kick :h+k:. This is the original Kangaroo Kick, being BT allows you to do it quicker, I reccomend using it with About Face at semi close range.

6.La Quebrada Grande Feint :p+k::h:, this is the close range version of La Quebrada, I reccomend using this with About Face rather than with the Turn Flip, if you are at medium distance, it evades lows and possible a few mids.​
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