DOA6 Leifang and Hitomi Teased for DOA6!

At the end of the DOA5 Last Round tournament, Team Ninja had a small announcement for Dead or Alive 6 done in the form of a teaser, which contains two returning characters from the series: Leifang and Hitomi.

We all know the history of these two characters since Leifang has been around since the first game and Hitomi since the third game. We also know that even though those two are great friends especially since the community named them Team Cabbage, these two lost during the fifth Dead or Alive tournament due to the hands of Jann-Lee. To make matters worst, Hitomi lost to him in the finals in Story Mode of DOA5.

How will these two characters play in this new system? You'll have to wait on August 20, 2018 at Gamescom 2018 to find out for yourself.


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TN really pushing Leifang's design to be nearly exactly like Chun-Li.
I don't think so TBH, if you look closely Leifang is wearing a hybrid of her older DOA1 to DOA2U kung fu outfits. She seems to be wearing lemon yellow(which is her favorite color) kung fu tight pants with a kung fu short sleeve yellow crop top with black accents and black sneakers to match. Her hair seems like a compromise between her signature chinese braids and her old school chignon buns she wore in DOA1 and DOA2/DOA2U. I guess since Helena is wearing a Chinese dress now they decided to give Leifang something like how she used to dress in the older games


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I can't say this enough but I really want her to look more like this:

P.S. how do i scale down IMG? I can't do it the normal way
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