Let's list all the unsafe throws!


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"Punishable-on-hit" throws have been a thing in DOA here and there, let's list them

DOA2U: Kasumi 8T4T (punishable by 5P), Gen Fu 5T (5T), Jann Lee 214T (easy punish with Hayabusa 3H+K)
DOA3: Tina runT
DOA4: Brad 2T (low throw)
DOA5LR: Tina 8T vs BT (Ein/Hitomi 46P), Tina runT vs BT (Ein 46P, Hitomi 46P with help from the wall)
DOA6: Tina 8T vs BT (Hitomi 46P), Tina runT vs BT (Hitomi 46P with help from the wall)
I challenge FreeStepDodge to find all the unsafe on-hit Throws in this game! Keep in mind that they have to be guaranteed punishes, like in the video example below.

I'll start with some Ein anti-Tina technology, who seems to have 3 unsafe throws VS Ein:
(done in DOA5LR Steam Ver.1.02)

10+ years, Team Ninja still making unsafe throws heh. Add yours!
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Ok so, they temporarily fixed these for a while by adding hard knockdowns, and later on removed the hard knockdowns because they may have been a tad too overpowered (guaranteed 2T followups on runningT and runningT on BT) BUT also reduced the disadvantage, for Honoka too, so they're not punishable by Ein's 46P anymore.

8T on BT is still punishable though.

(PC 1.09A Mandarin Set)
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This was an old post that was, in hindsight, Wazaaa basically trying to trick people into helping him make his bot more invincible.

I guess it's still being tweaked lol
no lol, not this time
I just wanted to see if unsafe throws were still a thing in 5LR, because they kinda were in 2U

Jann Lee's 214T (no wall hit) was punishable by Tech Roll > Hayabusa 3H+K
Kasumi's 8T4T punishable by Neutral Rise > PP with a 9 framer (this hits Kasumi in her back too!)
Gen Fu's 5T punishable by frame perfect Neutral Rise > grappler 5T
and some other I can't remember right now
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