Lovesickk♥'s DOA 6 Online Tournament (Steam Gift Card Prizes)


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"Hello, I am hosting another Tournament on Sunday July 14th at 6:00 Central

This is a America's based tournament, make sure your internet is good and little to no lag. You must join the discord, so that i can get in touch with you and so you keep up on annocements. Finals will be streamed on

The prizes last time were $20to $100 (via Steam Gift Card) But this time prizes will be based on how many people join. So try to get your mates into joining if you want a big prize.

Being late will no longer be tolerated. We wont wait for you unless your opponent concents to give you a couple more minutes. Last time we waited for someone for 20 minutes and slowed down the flow of the tourment. If you disconnect on purpose "DURING" your match you will be removed. I will have people watching to see if you do it on purpose because sometimes the lobbys bug.

Also if you want to help overseeing matches instead i got a spot open for that, and also will be made a mod.

If you have any questions ask me on discrod and i will contact you soon as possible.

Join the Discord here:

Thank you for your time, and Good Luck - Ivory

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