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Following the example put forward by XZero264 and with a little help from Mr. Wah, I've managed to cobble together some frame data for the FSDWiki under Rachel. (Where am I supposed to get her measurements, anyway?)

BND: Bound (like from her airthrow)
KND: Knockdown (whether it be a simple trip or a floor spike)
KNB: Knockback (when preceded by #m, denotes the range of a wallsplat)
FDS: Fall Down Stun (like her CH K)
SDS: Sit Down Stun (often becomes BND after a CB).
CRM: Stomach Crumple (Unstaggerable/must-hold state, like 66P)
BH: Back Hit (opponent is facing away)
Cr(#-#): The Cr stands for "Critical", as in "Critical Stun" or "Critical State".

Delay is the window you have to extend strings; subtract the second number from the first to get an idea of the size of the delay possible. For example, :P::P: followups have a 19 frame input window (11-30 delay frames).

Numbers in the NH, CH, HCH, and BH columns are the stun window with and without Fastest Slow Escape.

The wiki is open for any (FSD members) who wish to make corrections, add new sections, or reorganize.
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