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Mr. Wah is an encyclopedia of knowledge on the original DOA and DOA++. Almost every time I have a conversation on him on IM or even during out podcasts, he'll start off a sentence with "In DOA1..." or "In DOA++..." What follows is always some obscure piece of information that isn't documented anywhere else than inside of Mr. Wah's head. I'm going to start trying to document everything he's said to me. Please feel free to contribute and discuss items here.


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DOA1 (not DOA++) hayabusa's izuna
:4::1::2::3::6::h+p+k:, :2::3::6::9::8: :p+k:, :4::7::8::9::6::3::2: :h+k:
you have to hit the directions precisely
that took time for me to get down on DOA1U
also, the problem in DOA1 was that there is not throw whiff animation
and in order to throw you have to be right in front of a player or else you'll jab as Punch takes priority
so typically you had to dash in then perform the half circle animation
however :6::6::4::1::2::3::6: comes out as :6::4::6: :h+p+k:, which means you dash in and taunt with busa lol
so you have to delay the :4::1::2::3::6: from the :6::6:

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Bayman because he's heavy so he's harder to juggle with the limited juggling in the game.
Jann Lee can zone and punish well with damaging juggles - including if there's dangerzone explosions
Kasumi has good string mix-ups/setups for holders with good throw damage and parries.

Bayman is also a grappler so he does damage on both of his high and low parries, unlike Jann Lee and Kasumi who only do damage on the high parry.

Lastly, Bayman is a grappler, so you can just frame combo throw his devastating combo throws. Not confirmed to be in later versions, but the grappler has a 1 frame advantage on combo throws, making it possible to guarantee. Of course, this being based off my testing and I could just be wrong, but seems that way. Something to keep in mind as well is the game does have a HCH, CH damage modifier, it just doesn't display it when it occurs.

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So I've been messing around with this game just because I haven't played it as much as I want to. I've been trying to get at least decent with Tina. I found a combo vid made by Faceless on Youtube, but I've had a hard time finding matches of people using her. Any advice on how to best play her in this game? I have the DOAU version if it makes a difference.

Dr. Teeth

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Gotcha. I figured as much. I found some pretty nasty combos with her, but they're kind of situational (in other words, I've never successfully landed one outside of training mode). I forgot how . . . odd a lot of the inputs for throws are in this game.


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From one of the (so much) answer to my questions:

Tier list for DOA1 SS would be my recommendation of the following:

S class: Bayman, Tina, Raidou, Jann Lee
A class: Kasumi, Hayabusa
B class: Zack, Gen Fu, Lei Fang

The PSX and ++ versions I haven't played enough competitively to say.

Raidou is mainly S class just for his damage and heavy weight potential. Not so much for his stolen moves. He's not god in the game but he has a lot of advantages and can do a lot of damage much like the others in his category.
And to the UncleKitchener's question "What makes Bass mid tier in this game?":
Just his speed and mix-up options. In general he can make up a lot of damage with his combo throws though they are breakable.

Honestly, the entire cast is viable, but if you had to break it down, that's the best I would say.
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